ROMANCE: THE SHEIKH'S GAMES: A Sheikh Romance by Kylie Knight Read Free Book Online

Book: ROMANCE: THE SHEIKH'S GAMES: A Sheikh Romance by Kylie Knight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kylie Knight
repeated the words like a mantra, until she had believed it. But now, as his body rubbed against hers, and she felt his fingers grow tight as he held her, she knew that she had been lying to herself all along. Slowly she rose her hands and brought them to his nape, and her eyes closed then and she took him in, and they played games with their tongues.
    When he let her go, she wasn’t ready. She didn’t want to fall asleep to thoughts of his arms around her, only to hug her sheets yet another night. She smiled at him, and her dress shimmered in the light as she opened her door and led him inside. She could sense his need, and hers was quickly catching up. She knew he wouldn’t say no to her silent invite.
    As soon as the doors closed behind them, he swept her off her feet and speedily took her to the sofa—the closest thing to comfort he saw. He rested her gently there, and without any words passed between them, their bodies interacted. His lips descended upon hers like a plague, and he drained all the sanity and logic from her. Jameela’s hands moved upwards to unbutton his shirt, and she slid slim delicate fingers over smooth skin that slowly got riddled with goose pimples. She felt his perked nipple, and she grew excited. His hands found hers then, and he massaged them slowly, his eyes growing mad the longer he teased himself. Then he slid her dress from her shoulders and kissed each tenderly before bringing himself to get lost in her kiss again.
    Jameela could feel her ache intensify and she clawed at him as she urged him on. His breathing grew harder as she dug into him, and when he stuck his tongue inside her ear, and the warmth emanated within her, she slipped her hands inside his pants. He eased upwards to give her room, and she squeezed taut buttocks, pressing him down once more.
    Al-Hafeez could stand it no longer, and he ripped the dress from her, causing a tiny yelp to come from her. Then he slipped her lace bra aside and suckled her nipples as they grew hard in his mouth. Then he carved a path down her ribs and towards her navel where he buried his tongue. Jameela grabbed his hair and writhed beneath him, biting her lips so hard she could taste her blood as it grew even hotter. When his hands touched her more delicate region, she shuddered, and almost exploded when his tongue followed, darting in and out of her like a serpent. She was raging with heat now, and begged him to take her. Heeding her call, he spread her legs, and guided himself inside her. They threw their heads back simultaneously as she felt him fill her, and as he felt her walls clamp shut around him.
    Jameela arched her back and dug her fingers into his side as he eased in and out of her repeatedly, causing tremors to shake her body each time. Al-Hafeez paused long enough to lift one of her legs in the air and rest it on the back of the sofa. With even more room, he sank further inside her, and as she cried out in ecstasy his momentum increased. She could feel her juice spilling all over him, and he began to glide in and out of her more freely. Sweat beads popped up all over her, and as he pumped and gyrated, she grew heady as she climaxed repeatedly. Then she felt him buck and shudder, and he covered her breasts with his palms and pressed down into her as he got his release. He sank deep inside her, and remained buried until he had given her everything he had.
    She could barely move her legs without assistance, feeling too weak in the knees to assume control of them. He pulled back and sat on the sofa where her feet rested, and then took them into his lap. He smiled at her, and stroked her legs as he stared at her body dreamily.
    “This isn’t something I’d normally do,” she apologized as her head fell back.
    Al-Hafeez chuckled. “I would hope not. But I also hope this won’t be the last time you do either.”
    Jameela opened one eye to survey him from her position. “This wasn’t a one-time thing?”
    “I never had any intentions

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