Let Go

Let Go by Heather Allen Read Free Book Online

Book: Let Go by Heather Allen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Heather Allen
Tags: fighter, mma hero, mma fighter romance
Trin, it’s
okay though. I only have to see her once a month. You saw how quick
it was.”
    She shakes her
head as they near her car, “I know but Grey, come on. Can she get
any more ugly and mean?”
understands her anger but this is what he gets. He will take
whatever he must at this point. He still has his life which is more
than Theodore James.
    He changes the
subject needing to get her mind off of his situation, “Hey, let’s
go get my license so I don’t have to depend on you so much.”
    She rolls her
eyes and slips into the car. He shakes his head at what a spitfire
his sister is.
    When they get
back to the house Greylan strolls back into the kitchen for a
snack. Trinity sits quietly watching him; her worry for him is
apparent on her face. He gives a questioning look and wonders what
is going through her thoughts.
    “Grey, I was
just thinking, what will you do for a job?”
    Greylan closes
the cabinet he just glanced at, not finding anything to fill the
sudden void in his stomach. He skirts around the table and scoots a
chair closer to her. His arm rests on the table as he faces the
worry across his sister’s features.
    “Trinity, I’m
really not sure what I should do.”
    She rests her
hand over his on the table.
    “Grey, you
have taken care of me for a good part of my life. When mom got
sick, it seems so long ago now, you promised her that you would
always take care of me. And when she died you committed to that
promise you made. I never wanted for anything and I finished school
like a normal teenager because of you.”
    He looks down
remembering those moments when their mom made him promise. She was
so small and frail from the cancer. She knew though, the day she
was diagnosed a year earlier that this would be it for her. She did
everything she could to prepare them. Trinity was only seventeen
when they got the news. It was up to him at twenty to take on the
role of caregiver for both of them. He wanted her to fight. It took
everything in him not to scream at her every night for giving up.
But he promised all those years ago and he failed when he left
Trinity at twenty to take care of herself with no warning.
    Her voice is
sad, “Hey, I know what you’re thinking. I needed to be alone
though. I had to grow up sometime.”
    “Not like that
Trin, I left without any warning. That wasn’t fair to you or to the
promise I made to mom.”
    “Stop it.
Don’t beat yourself up over this. I needed the space, Grey. I
needed to find myself on my own.”
    He looks
across the kitchen as if searching for an answer and turns back to
her, “Do you think this is it though? Parker is the first person
you have ever dated. Don’t you think you should, um, I’m going to
hate myself for saying this, but play the field first before
committing to someone for the rest of your life?”
    Her brows go
up as she states in amusement, “You were gone for five years. Do
you really want to know about my life when you were gone? Let me
just fill you in that Parker is not my first boyfriend. I
know you want to believe I’m your innocent sister but…”
    Greylan places
his hands over his ears and starts humming, “Lalalala, I can’t hear
    She laughs and
pulls his hands down.
    “Okay, too
much information, I get it. Just know Grey that all of these things
have happened for a reason. I have to believe that. It sucks that
you were gone for so long and I missed you so much but you’re here
    Greylan lifts
his finger and pushes her nose in. She doesn’t squirm, instead she
smiles. His grin spreads and he removes his finger, “Okay, so
what’s a good job for a college graduate with a business degree
that has never been used?”
    “Let’s check
the classifieds. Maybe we’ll find something interesting.”

A week after
Greylan’s visit with his parole officer he’s on his way to see
Jimmy T. Five years ago he left his life behind. It wasn’t a choice
he would have made but it happened and he faced it.

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