Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You by Mary Wine Read Free Book Online

Book: Let Me Love You by Mary Wine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Wine
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance, Historical, Western
walk away from the church. Down there, temptation would rule as long as the whiskey flowed and no one would think about repenting until sunrise. He should take a little walk and ease the swollen cock that was calling out Brianna’s name.
    Yeah, well, that wasn’t what his cock wanted. The idea of lying between any other woman’s thighs left a sour taste in his mouth. Sloan turned and moved back towards his bunkhouse. His eyebrows rose slightly as his cock continued to throb for a little brown-haired virgin.
    That wouldn’t be happening. The sooner he got that thought through his thick skull, the better. Brianna was everything he didn’t even have a right to think about. Men like him didn’t lie down with sweet innocents like her. But the scent of her hair lingered as Sloan strolled silently thought the night. He was at home in the dark, always had been.
    That was the real trouble. Brianna belonged in a well-lit room with music and scented candles. In spite of her brave words, she’d likely scream if he ever took her to his bed and introduced her to the darker delights he craved. Sure, she’d marry up with one of the town dandies strutting their new bowties and dancing in that church tonight. Brianna would do her duty and spread her thighs for a husband, but she would never cling to a man like he was longing for her to press against him.
    “That sure wasn’t the wisest move I’ve seen you make.” Warren Howell offered his opinion from his position across the alleyway that ran between the church and the mercantile.
    Sloan knew it. Ladies were off-limits and always had been. Just why he was craving one tonight didn’t make a whole lot of sense. A pair of blue eyes floated past his memory as the taste of her kiss lingered on his mouth. It was the sort of taste that was going to haunt him. One corner of his mouth lifted as Sloan looked at the light spilling out of the church. Well, if he was going to be haunted, a man couldn’t ask for a better specter. A deep chuckle rumbled out of his chest as he walked.
    “I wasn’t thinking.”
    Warren lifted an eyebrow in response before falling into step beside him. “I noticed that.”
    Sloan glared at his fellow railroad agent. Warren was his constant companion. They were comrades who backed each other up. There was no such thing as off-duty. Taking off alone was a good way to be found dead with a bullet in your back. One dead agent meant the men on the rail dock were easier to take out. It could take weeks for replacements to arrive. That was, if there were men to be had. A good agent took training and seasoning. Warren and he shared the shadows regularly. Tonight, he found it a little too claustrophobic. Shrugging beneath his duster, Sloan tried to adjust his attitude. He was headed for a night of dreams haunted by a specter in the form of Brianna Spencer.
    Naw, specter wasn’t the word…it was siren. A beautiful creature luring him closer with her song. If he followed, it would end in his death.
    Yup, sweet siren. But a man could still dream even if he had to hold his course steady. Life rarely delivered the visions of perfection that decorated your dreams.
    “But I’m thinking now.” Sloan looked at his partner. “So, forget you noticed anything. She’s a respectable girl.” Sloan actually enjoyed the surge of protectiveness that rose inside him.
    Warren didn’t comment. He slid a long glance at Sloan before returning his eyes to the darker shadows they were getting ready to pass. The wind whipped up the dust as they crossed the center of town. The noise from the church faded as they headed towards the rail yards. The sound of running water replaced every human-made noise.
    Sloan stopped before setting a foot on the first plank of the loading dock. A slight shift and he looked back at the church. Light spilled out through its windows in a display of yellow beams. It was almost mesmerizing to a man who lived his life protecting the sort of law that allowed a

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