Light Me Up

Light Me Up by Cherrie Lynn Read Free Book Online

Book: Light Me Up by Cherrie Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cherrie Lynn
back and circling the head of his dick with her tongue, paying special attention to the silver balls at the head that brought her so much pleasure. Tasting herself there.
    “If you won’t give it to me the way I want it,” she told him, pulling back to look up the length of his body, “I’ll take it.”
    He grabbed her under the arms and hauled her up his body. “Do your worst,” he said challengingly. Scrambling over him, she slid back home, taking him deep to fill her aching emptiness and churning her hips to find her favorite angle. Once she had it, she lifted slowly, dropped fast. And faster. And faster. Bliss unfurled. Engulfed her. Her muscles began to tighten deliciously, that note only he could invoke from her building in her throat. Just as she began to give in to it, he rolled her beneath him, pinning her wrists to the mattress, holding still.
    “No!” she cried, writing to keep up that heavenly rhythm, caught on the edge of absolute madness. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she pumped against him, but couldn’t get enough momentum to coax that blessed release any closer. The liquid ache pooled in her belly and he wouldn’t agitate it. She writhed in desperation.
    “Shh,” he soothed with a crooked little smile, and she wanted to smack him.
    “Brian, please, please .”
    “That’s real sweet. I like that.”
    “Yeah? I like orgasms. I want to have this one.”
    At that, he left her. Left her. She opened her mouth to deliver a tirade that would’ve made him proud, but when she saw what he was doing, she clamped down on it and repressed a whimper. Their toy box was under the bed; he went down on the floor to rummage through it and came back with her favorite vibrator. And lubricant. Anticipation and no small amount of anxiety sparked in her belly, ratcheting up her arousal tenfold, if that were even possible.
    “You want it, baby?” he whispered, taking a moment to lean down and brush his lips across hers. She nodded, and closed her eyes. “Turn over for me.” Once she obeyed, she simply lay there and watched him, trying to keep breathing. He removed his piercing—it would be too much for her—and rolled on a condom. She resisted the urge to slip her hand between her body and the mattress, to get off this one impending orgasm that loomed over her…
    He moved behind her and she lifted her hips for him. For several luxurious minutes, he stroked her, caressed her, brought her back to those amazing heights. He fit two fingers in her pussy, stroking her until she shivered and undulated, dying to be filled with something bigger. As those delectable caresses went on, she suddenly felt the gentle probe of another finger at her anus.
    It had taken a while for her to enjoy this. He didn’t ask for it often—mainly when he was feeling on edge or possessive and needed her in every way. And she’d always trusted him not to take more than she could give. Now, as his lubed finger gained entry to that passage and he buried it to his knuckle, bliss overwhelmed her.
    “Ohhhh, yes,” she sighed. 
    “Christ, do you know what you do to me?”
    If it was the same thing he did to her, then yeah, she had a pretty good idea. When he removed his fingers from her pussy and focused on her ass, she clenched the comforter with both hands, holding absolutely still and absorbing the sensation. He snugged two fingers inside her, gently stretching her.
    “Ready for me?” he murmured in her ear.
    “Yessss,” she hissed. His hands left her, and a moment later she heard the vibrator buzz on.
    “Turn over.”
    She obeyed readily, comforted with knowing he would be able to see her face while he took her this way. And vice versa. He gave her the vibrator, but she didn’t dare touch her clit with it yet. She’d be done. She needed to balance that sensation with the overwhelming and initially uncomfortable fullness as he entered her.
    He sat up straight and she spread her legs over his thighs, then stroked her all over,

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