Locket full of Secrets

Locket full of Secrets by Dana Burkey Read Free Book Online

Book: Locket full of Secrets by Dana Burkey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dana Burkey
mention the almost normal life I was finally enjoying.

    “Come on Steven, we need to go,” I managed to say as I turned and headed for the exit, pulling Steven with me as I walked.
    “Claire wait, please,” Olena pleaded, following our progress to the door.
    “No, we’re leaving,” I announced, reaching the door and stepping outside.
    “Who is that?” Steven asked, his voice strained with concern.
    “We just need to go,” I demanded. Steven managed to stumble along behind me as I headed away from the art gallery.
    “Claire, just give me a minute,” Olena tried again, jogging to catch up to me.
    Stopping my rushed walking, I turned to face Olena. Tears were welling up quickly in my eyes.
    “I don’t want to talk to you Olena,” I hissed through clenched teeth. “Just leave me alone. Didn’t you do enough damage last time?”
    “I did not mean to kill anyone,” Olena replied, her voice suddenly louder than I wanted it to be.
    “Wait, what?” Steven asked next to me, moving a step closer as if to protect me.
    “If you didn’t mean to kill him then why did you leave?” My voice was shaking now, tears spilling onto my cheeks at the sudden barrage of emotions.
    “It was self-defense,” Olena assured me with a sigh. “Yes, I killed him. But, if I did not he would have killed me instead.”
    “Claire, what is she talking about?” Steven’s body was pressed to mine, one arm wrapped tightly around me.
    “This is Olena,” I muttered, finally answering Steven with my gaze still on Olena. “The last time I saw her she killed someone then climbed out a window so she wouldn’t get caught.”
    “I did what I had to do to keep you safe,” Olena tried, her voice begging me to believe her.
    “What?” I asked, not expecting her comment.
    “When I got up to go to the bathroom it was because I saw I had been found,” she explained, shaking her head. “If I stayed in our booth they would have known you were with me and killed both of us.”
    “Who would have killed her?” Steven asked, my shock keeping me from asking the question myself.
    “We cannot talk about it here.” Olena lowered her voice as she looked around us frantically. “I promise I will tell you everything. But we need to go somewhere private.”
    “How do I know we will be safe?” I asked, using my coat sleeve to wipe my tears away.
    “The longer we stand out here the more danger we are in,” she quickly explained, not really answering my question.
    “Maybe we should go to your dorm,” Steven offered, now looking around as well.
    I weighed the options in my head. Could I really trust Olena after everything that had happened? With a sigh I turned and started in the direction of my dorm. Steven kept up, his arm still around me, now tighter than before. Olena followed close behind us, her eyes darting around as if someone was going to jump out at any second.
    Once we were in the safety of my dorm I collapsed onto my bed, my head pounding with a sudden headache. Steven sat next to me, one arm around my waist while the other held onto my shaking hands. Olena locked the door before turning to face us, her look more urgent than ever.
    “The guy you found dead in the bathroom was Alexi Dyatlov,” she began, a calm expression on her face. “He was sent to kill me back in ‘95, but my mom and I got away. That is why I left Ohio when I did. The man he works for has been trying to find us since we moved to the United States years ago. When we left we headed to Canada, thinking we would be safe, but then he found us again. That was why I needed to come find you.”
    “But why did you need to drag me into all of this now?” I asked, my voice finally calming down some. Something about the way she stated everything as a simple fact made me think there was even more she was not saying.
    “Until we met a few months ago they did not know you and I were

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