Love Wears A Stetson "Wyatt"

Love Wears A Stetson "Wyatt" by Anne Marie Beck Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Wears A Stetson "Wyatt" by Anne Marie Beck Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anne Marie Beck
Making love to Wyatt had been amazing. He had totally rocked my world. In fact he rocked my world three times.
    I was rewarded just then to a kiss on the nose. I turned my head and looked at the sweetest kindest man in the world and he was all mine. He took a finger and moved my messy hair out of my face.
    “Good morning darlin, did you get enough sleep?”
    “Who needs sleep, when they have someone like you? ”
    He rewarded me with a gentle kiss on the lips, before he detangled himself from me and went to stand. He stood and went to his duffle bag and removed a pair of sweats and long sleeved t-shirt. I laid on the bed frozen in place by the sight of Wyatt’s naked body. He was gorgeous with his broad shoulders, narrow waist and hips. His skin looked like it had been kissed by the sun. He turned and caught me staring at him.
    “You’re beautiful.”
    I swear he blushed as he slipped on his sweat pants. I proceed to pout as I lost the best looking view in all of Glacier National Park. He laughed and put on his t-shirt.
    “Stop your pouting, you ’re going to see a lot more me from now on.”
    “Mmmm, good. Where you’re going?”
    “Well nature calls, then I’m going to fix you, my sweet, breakfast.”
    We spent most of the day hiking, playing around in the river that ran next to our camp and talking lots and lots of talking. I learned that Wyatt in his spare time, like to make furniture. I found out that he had a wood shop set up behind the barn. He said it had worked into quite a side business and that was how he earned most of his money. He promised to give me the grand tour when we got back.
    We spent the night making love and curled into each other’s arms, until we fell asleep from pure exhaustion. I knew, I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t fall in love with Wyatt. That, I would guard myself for the heartache and pain that love brought with it. But against the better judgment of my brain, my heart took the leap into love.

Chapter 14
    It was a wonderful weekend and it was sad when Wyatt took the turn that lead to my dad’s driveway. I could see another vehicle ahead of us heading for my dad’s house. We got closer to the car and I noticed it was a rental. Who in the world could that be? The car pulled up in front of house and we parked right behind it. Wyatt turned to me and gave me a who’s that look , I just shrugged my shoulders in response.
    The door to the car open and a familiar male figure stepped out. I wanted to scream in horror. No, this can’t be happening to me, not now, not ever. Wyatt looked over at me with concern.
    “ Kenna , what’s wrong? Who is that?”
    I looked at him and just shook my head as tears rolled down my face.
    “ Kenna , talk to me, what is going on?”
    Just then Dad and Carson walked out on to the porch.
    I took a deep breath, before I spoke the name, I never wanted to speak again.
    “It’s Mason Jeffers, my ex from California.”
    I saw on Wyatt’s face the moment that my word’s registered. His face turned red and he was out the door, before I could stop him. He stomped over to Mason and got right in his face. I scrambled out of the truck and screamed for Carson to help me stop Wyatt from assaulting Mason. That is when the shouting started.
    “You son of a bitch, you have a lot of nerve, showing your face around here?”
    “I came here to bring Kenna home with me where she belongs, my divorce is final and I want her to come home.”
    Wyatt took a swing at Mason, but Carson grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back, so it didn’t connect.
    Mason, I’m not going anywhere with you. You need to leave and you need to do it right now.
    Kenna , you don’t mean that. I love you and I’m sorry for what happened. I can give everything that you want, houses cars, you name it, and it’s yours. I brought the divorce papers, it’s legal. I’m not leaving Montana, Kenna , until you come home with me where you

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