Make Me Stay

Make Me Stay by Ella Jade Read Free Book Online

Book: Make Me Stay by Ella Jade Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ella Jade
Tags: Erótica, Romance, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary, Romantic
what else belongs to me?” He pulled his fingers out of her dripping center. “Your orgasms, and since you’ve already had one without me today I think we should address that.”
    She sighed in frustration.
    “You’re the one who was bad.” He leaned her over the front of his desk. “I didn’t come without you.” He ran his hand up her smooth ass. “I think we should use the red and green system for now. What do you think?” He wanted her to know this was only a game, and they could stop whenever she wanted.
    “Whatever you want, Sir.”
    “If I’m pushing you too hard or doing something that doesn’t feel right, you’ll say red and we’ll stop the scene. No consequences, and then we’ll discuss why we didn’t continue.” He moved to stand directly behind her, leaning into her ear. “If you want to continue you need to say green. Do you understand?”
    “Yes, Sir.”
    “I’m going to punish you for touching my pussy and climaxing without me present. I’m going to do that with my hand. If you take your punishment like a good girl, I’ll let you have my cock. How does that sound?”
    “Very generous, Sir.”
    “Good girl.” He patted her ass. “What do you need to tell me?”
    He could hear how eager she was to proceed. “Why so enthusiastic?”
    “It’s been too long since you’ve spanked me. I need it.”
    “You’re gonna get it. I can’t wait to see that sweet, little ass of yours when I’m finished.” He slowly ran the palm of his hand over her backside before striking.
    She jerked forward.
    “Stay still or I will restrain you.” He hit her again, but she must have anticipated it because she didn’t move. He slipped his fingers between her lower lips and was pleased to find her soaked for him. “You like my hand on your ass, don’t you?”
    “Yes, Sir.”
    He smacked her reddened cheeks hard, three more times. “I think that’s enough.”
    She rested her face against his desk.
    “What color are we?”
    “Green.” Her voice was softer.
    He dropped his pants and moved behind her. “I want to see how controlled you are with your climaxes.” He rubbed the tip of his cock against her entrance. “Can you be a good girl and show me?”
    He pushed inside her heat as he grabbed her hips. “I don’t believe you can control it and come on command.” He’d been reading about this subject, but he wasn’t sure how to command someone’s climax.
    “Oh…” she moaned. He already felt her trembling with anticipation. “Feels so good.” She scraped her nails against the wood of his desk.
    “Focus.” He pulled out of her and then took his time slipping back in. “Tell me how I can help you control it.”
    “You have to sense what I need. You have to slow your pace and change your angle so I get a different sensation.” She pushed back against him and tightened around his cock. “Cade.”
    He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Concentrate. Listen to my voice. I do not want you to come until I say you can. If you do, there will be consequences. Do you understand?”
    He felt her relax as she slowed her breathing. She was submitting to his will. It was beautiful to experience. He was so caught up in watching her he’d almost allowed himself to lose focus on what he was doing. He had to slow down and figure out how to hold off or he’d never get her to the finish line. He pulled all the way out and then pushed back in inch by inch, allowing her to feel all of him. His cock was swollen and just about ready to burst, but he took his time and put off his own climax for as long as he could. It looked as if Gracie had taught him something else about sexual gratification.
    He reached around to the front of her and latched on to her breasts as he slammed into her. His desire took over and he couldn’t play any more games. It was time to come.
    “Let go, baby.” He spoke into her hair. “Come with me.”
    “Thank you.” She

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