Mating Call

Mating Call by Martha Bourke Read Free Book Online

Book: Mating Call by Martha Bourke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Martha Bourke
did, didn’t you? You followed me in secret. Why? Was I just some kind of fucked up fantasy to you?”
    “No. Never.”
    “Then tell me why, Troy.”
    He threw up his hands. “I dunno. I just wanted to keep you safe.”
    “I don’t buy it. That’s a load of crap. You wanna know what I think? I think as long as you didn’t get too close you kept you safe. As long as you kept your distance, I could stay perfect.” She sat up. Her voice was too loud, but she didn’t give a shit. “And now that I’m here and I’m real, you don’t want me. Sorry your little head trip is ruined.”
    He grabbed the bottom of his sweatshirt and pulled it off.
    “Wh-what the hell are you doing?”
    “Look at me, Ev. Take a good look.”
    Evy looked at his gorgeous torso. The arms, the pecs, the abs. Then she covered her mouth. He was covered in scars. She’d seen all this stuff before at the center, but never on someone she’d cared about.
    He pointed to one of his arms. “That’s right. These here are where the old man used to put out his cigarettes. That was one of his favorites, as I’m sure you can see.”
    “Let’s see. What else we got. Oh, yeah, this scar up here is where the motherfucker stabbed me.”
    He turned around. “And the back. Can’t forget about that. Well I guess that one’s pretty self-explanatory.”
    Evy stared at the iron-shaped burn on the lower right side of his back. Hot tears fell down her cheeks.
    “So if the New Breed stuff isn’t enough,” he hit his bare chest with his hand, “then you should probably know I’m damaged goods.”
    He started to put his sweatshirt back on.
    “Troy, I didn’t know. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have gone off like that.”
    He walked over to the bed and leaned in so close she could feel his breath.
    “You can’t imagine how bad I want you, Ev,” he said quietly.
    She watched him as he turned and left the room. She was breathing hard, her brain telling her to say something, but she couldn’t.
    He hadn’t been avoiding her because he didn’t want her. He’d been staying away because he did.
    Oh, God.
    Reyn stood with Richard and SE next to the long table in the drawing room. He ran a hand through the long front of his dark hair. His head throbbed. “Well, he went against a direct order. He’s going to have to be disciplined, but I don’t begin to know where to start. This is kind of out of the ordinary.”
    X shook his head. “Look, I’m his camzah. I feel like at least half of this is my fault. I purposely sent the brother over the edge hoping the protective instinct would kick in. You can’t expect him to stop and make a phone call, dig?”
    “I feel you,” SE said.
    Richard nodded. “I mean, are we really going to pull him off duty? Who is that really hurting? We need all the manpower we can get right now.”
    Reyn started to speak then stopped. What the…
    “Yo, you okay, boss?” X asked.
    His breath caught in his chest. “I don’t know. I thought I felt this odd wave of energy. Did you boys pick up on that?”
    Richard leaned against the table. “You mean, like New Breed energy?”
    He shook his head. “No. This was different. The vibration was more like…never mind. Any thoughts on your last vision, SE? Sorry to bring up a sore subject.”
    “It’s fine. It’s just frustrating. I mean, why would I have a vision about a human? Ana and I’ve been over it a hundred times and it just doesn’t make any sense.”
    Richard shrugged. “Well, they do get caught in the crossfire from time to time.”
    “I guess that’s true.”
    X cracked his knuckles. “If we’re done, my brothers, I’d like to go share the good news with Troy.”
    Reyn clapped his shoulder. “We’re good.”
    “See you at next meal, my brothers.” Reyn left the room and walked down the hall to his office in the study. The k’ul he’d just felt was fleeting, but there was no doubt in his mind. It was real. The only time he ever felt that

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