Mattie's Call

Mattie's Call by Stacy Campbell Read Free Book Online

Book: Mattie's Call by Stacy Campbell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stacy Campbell
promptly fell asleep. Gabrielle always knocked him out after the first two rounds. A light tap on his shoulder and the whisper, “turn over,” roused him from his nap. She’d soaked a face cloth in the bathroom with hot water, straddled his back, and placed it on blackheads that had sprung up like weeds. She insisted they stay at the Mansion on Forsyth Park tonight. She mentioned going to Grand Oak to see her mother, but they got bogged down doing their business. He planned to break the news to her the moment they got to the room, but one thing led to another, and they were locked in heated passion. Now her yammering sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Roselle expected him home in two hours, and he hadn’t planned on disappointing her. She nuzzled his ears as he sought the right words.
    â€œâ€¦so we could renovate your house, I could sell my house, that way I won’t have to live in the house your wife created. I mean, it would be the same structure, but I’d be putting my stamp on it.”
    â€œThen we could change church membership, because there is no way I could face those hyenas at Christ Missionary, you being a deacon and all.”
    Colton’s back slackened under the tenderness of her kneading.
    â€œI don’t think we should have a big wedding. I’m forty-nine. You’re fifty-three. What’s somebody gonna give us? A toaster and some Egyptian towels? I think a wishing well would be best.”
    Gabrielle lightly punched his back. “Say something other than mmm-hmm, Colt!”
    â€œThat feels good, Gigi.”
    Something had changed. Colton had been her most generous sponsor. She’d fallen in love with him after six months of dating even though he was married. She remembered him from high school; he was a senior when she entered her freshman year. Strong and muscular, he was the athlete and scholar all the girls wanted. Thirty years later, their paths crossed at Blessingdale’s Thrift Shop while Mattie shopped for vintage Club cookware, her retail therapy item of choice. He held a purse and waited in the clothing section of the store. They locked eyes and she immediately recalled the giant, brown-skinned athlete everyone called Doc. She knew he’d chosen academia, walked away from the NFL after reading about him in the Savannah Tribune. Gabrielle’s jaw dropped when his wife exited the dressing room. She was bigger than a Hollywood mansion. Water rolled down her three chins as she modeled the too-tight evening gown for Colton. She did a double-take, recognized the woman was his high school sweetheart and head cheerleader, Roselle Jones. Gone was the brick house all the young men admired. Gabrielle sauntered over to them in a tight yellow blouse and fitted jeans. She gripped her designer purse and asked, “Aren’t you Doc and Roselle?” She adjusted her sunglasses above her forehead.
    She saw the lust in his eyes and embarrassment in Roselle’s face as she sucked in her gut. Roselle gave her the head-to-toe once-over and dropped her head.
    â€œDo I know you?” he asked, taking the lead and approached her.
    â€œI was a few years behind you guys. Gabrielle Benson.” She shook his hand.
    â€œOh. I remember you.” He turned to Roselle. “Rose, you remember Gabrielle. I think you all mentored the younger girls during cheerleading summer camp.”
    â€œYou look familiar.” Roselle mopped sweat from her face with a small cloth draped across her shoulder. “Time’s been good to you.”
    â€œYou as well,” Gabrielle lied.
    After an awkward pause, Gabrielle pointed at Mattie. “I have to get back to Mama. She’s going to buy out all of Savannah’s cooking pots if I don’t get to her. It was nice seeing you two again.”
    â€œIt was nice to see you also,” he said.
    She walked away knowing something

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