MC: Callahan

MC: Callahan by L. Ann Marie Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: MC: Callahan by L. Ann Marie Read Free Book Online
Authors: L. Ann Marie
racket, growling and banging into shit. Danny hasn’t touched him yet, the pussy’s got blood dripping down his face from a cut on his head. He’s breathing heavy and moving slow. Danny’s just watching him. “You ready yet?” he asks the moron. The guy charges him. With his feet planted Danny starts throwing punches. The guy is only standing because he’s hitting him in a way that keeps him standing.
    Without the guy beating the fuck out of himself I lose interest and hit the pussy on the wall. He slumps down, so I drag him into the bathroom to keep him awake long enough to get the message. “Can’t have you passing out from one hit.” I lift him and dunk his head in the toilet. “Need you to understand, ‘we take care of our own’. You fuck with one, you’ll get all of us.” I lift him out. “Fuck, don’t you fuckin’ flush? Nasty motherfuckers.” I put him back in and flush, fuckin’ fishermen are nasty bastards. When the water goes down I pull him up. “That’s better, but I ain’t hitting you with piss running down your face.” I drop him head first on the floor so I can put my gloves on. “Fuckin’ Brothers are clean for the most part; we know how to live like civilized people.” I drag him out by his arm. He’s begging me ‘no more.’ “Fuckin’ pussy, you never heard our Prospect begging and four pussies jumped him. You got more to give.” I lift him and throw him head first into the closet. He doesn’t move.
    “I think that’s all he’s got, Tiny, they don’t make them like they used to. Fuckin’ bikers are a better match for us,” Danny says. He pulls a paint can from his side pocket. “I thought we could give them a reminder to stay the fuck away from our Brothers.” He pulls the pussy from the closet and starts painting him from the head down. “It’s Rustoleum. They’ll have to take a bath in paint thinner to get it off. This shit is great, it’s got great coverage and its thick, not like the generic shit that you need two coats of.” He’s right, the guy’s black hair is a day glow yellow except for the water drips and his face looks even. I wonder if his eyelids will open? I laugh. Danny’s making sure he gets behind his ears, neck and stomach. When he sprays his cock I crack up. Lonely nights coming up for our pussy friends. He moves over to the other pussy and sprays him down. When he’s done he empties their wallets and walks out, pulling his gloves off. I follow him, seeing Bob and VP at the SUV. Bob has a paint can too.
    Driscoll comes around and collects the cans and gloves in a Walmart bag. “All set, clerk says they’re assholes, gladly took the money and a tip.”
    “Everythin’ okay, lot of noise?” VP asks Danny.
    He nods. “Guy beat the shit out of himself with the room. I got maybe four hits and he was out cold. Left him some broken ribs, though, for Racks.”
    VP nods and we pile in. “Seems anticlimactic,” he says when we get out of the parking lot.
    “We’re used to fighting on the bikes, all out wars. This was easy shit. Should send regular Security next time. If it wasn’t for Racks I would’ve considered it a waste of time,” Danny tells him like he’s giving a weather report.
    We’re all quiet for a while until Bob breaks the silence. “You think Pres is right, the violence changed us?”
    VP grunts. I think so but it’s Danny that answers. “Yeah, we’ve learned to fight and react like soldiers in battle. We’ve had to hone our skill level to keep up with the larger threat, a threat that uses anything it can to kill us. We’ve had to change, to protect what needs to be protected. Now we have kids that can take down grown men. We didn’t make us, the threats against us made us. That same threat is making the kids into different people too.”
    I watch VP. “Fuckin’ right. Watched little Ben put a pussy down, didn’t even think to step in. Everybody comin’ at us made us better than fist fights with a bully.”

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