Mobbed by Him (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Mobbed by Him (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) by Alycia Taylor Read Free Book Online

Book: Mobbed by Him (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) by Alycia Taylor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alycia Taylor
what it was, big enough to have sex in without any
discomfort. I took the opportunity to wash up after my night of glorious sex
and took my time feeling the warmth of the water running down my body. His
shower was full of luxury shampoos and soap. It was obvious that all his women
showered because there were both male and female products lining the shelves of
the shower. Everything smelt so good that it was hard to want to leave the
shower at all.
    I couldn't believe all that had happened in the past
12 hours. It had been a crazy time for me, I was still trying to process it
all. I wasn't sure how many mistakes I had made in the past 12 hours but it
felt like a lot. All I had wanted to do was question Damon, and yet I had no
answers and I was now in his shower. I thought that I was going to just go and
ask Damon some questions without being too obvious that I wanted to know if his
father was in the MOB. I also wanted to try and find out if he knew why or who
had murdered my parents. Not easy questions to ask, but that had been my plan.
That wasn't what happened, however; instead drinking too much had led me into
the bed of one of the biggest womanizers that I knew. I wasn't sure that having
sex with Damon was the best idea; it was a stupid thing for me to have done.
Although it got me closer to him and landed me a job, I was still not closer to
finding out anything about my parents. I needed to do better and to focus on my
goals, since that was the reason I was in Hollywood in the first place. I
needed to remember why I was there.
    Sex with Damon definitely had been a bad idea, but god
dammit it had been the most amazing sex that I had ever had. It killed me to
even think that, but it was true. He had romped me incredibly and I felt like I
should write him a thank you note. The bastard was not even a decent human
being and yet all I could think about was his hard cock and what it had done to
me. I loved it so much that I wanted even more, but that would be a bad idea.
    Now this job: the perfect position for me and yet he
had just handed it to me like it was nothing. I had desperately needed the job
and couldn't have been more grateful that he happened to have one for me. But
it really made me wonder why he would hire me so easily. He didn't know me at
all, and if he did he would probably run screaming in the other direction. Did
he really hire girls on the fly without an interview? I knew he was part of the
MOB, I was sure of it, so why hire a girl you knew nothing about? It didn't
sound very careful to me.
    I did like the sound of the job however, regardless of
how it came my way. It would allow me to get close to the people that murdered
my parents so it was a no-brainer to take it. I couldn't have asked for a
better 'in.' He had almost made it too easy.
    I left the shower and towelled off quickly. I dried my hair as best I could and combed it out. I returned to
the bedroom and threw on my dress from the night before and headed out to the
living room where I saw Damon speaking to an older woman.
    They both had serious looks on their faces, so I knew
that whatever they were talking about had to be of a serious nature as well. I
wondered what they could possibly be talking about. MOB business? Just then the
older woman looked over at me and glared. She actually gave me a real mean look
and I wasn't sure what I should do. Walk away? I actually felt like running.
Why would she glare at someone that she didn't even know? It was a weird
reaction. Did she treat all Damon's women this way or was it just me she didn't
like? Damon followed her gaze and smiled when he saw me. It wasn't a warm
smile, more like an awkward one. Maybe I should have just tried to sneak away
without them noticing. The woman was a little terrifying. But I assumed she
used to be the head of a powerful family so I guess I shouldn't have expected a
warm welcome. She probably thought that I was just another skank that he had
brought home with him.

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