Moscow Machination

Moscow Machination by Ian Maxwell Read Free Book Online

Book: Moscow Machination by Ian Maxwell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ian Maxwell
Otto? Are you German?”
    “Oh god.
The nightmare hasn’t ended… can I have another Corona?”
    “As you
wish, Madam.”
chugging the Corona, President Petrova tried again… the only way to come out of
the dream was to indulge it, “Ok whats the purpose of this weapon? Wait why are
we employing German scientists? This isn’t 1945 anymore… Which facility do you
belong to? Who’s your Minister?”
Madam. I can’t answer any of those questions. Like I said, I am just the
Messenger, and the message is: The weapon is ready.”
    “So whats
the point of telling me it’s ready, you creep? Wait this beer tastes awfully
good… this mustn’t be a dream… I think I am going to call my guards.”
    “Sure. But
you can’t hurt me. No one can hurt me.”
    “Eww why
is that…? Please don’t tell me you are a ghost or a half dead werewolf or something
like that… please…”
    “I am very
much alive Ms. President. Don’t worry, I won’t eat your brains out. It’s just
that we have taken the necessary precautions this time. Not after that
incident with Leo.”
    “Oh… Leo…
of course, Leo…. who the fuck is Leo?”
    If she had
been on a chair instead of the Lazyboy, the President would have tipped over. “You
have met Brezhnev? Wait ‘We’? There are more of you lot…? Are you some surviving
Old Bolshevik?”
    “No Ma’am.
We have no political ethos. Last time, my brother Karl was picked to deliver the
message. He had an encounter with Leo… that awful unibrow and his guards...”
Otto shuddered before continuing, “they… they killed Karl…. ugh… ya long story
short, they fucking killed him. Since then it was decided to always go in with
the safety on.”
    “You met
Brezhnev, dead Karl, more of you… Oh god… I think I know what this is …it’s the
Chinese revenge… the Chinese have drugged me…”
    “No madam…
Anna… Just finish your beer… oh ok good… here chug another one… ya.”
    In the
Corona fueled swirl, Anna Petrova wondered how the Chinese had bribed an Old
Bolshevik to kill her. Because the Bolsheviks didn’t believe in money… so had
to do with ideology… but ‘Otto’ the German had just said… no political ethos… ethos…
German… Lebowski… Nihilists… Nazis… ah... they weren’t called the National
Socialists for nothing… Socialists… Karl Marx… the Father of all Reds… but how
did the Chinese fit in … oh yeah they were Reds too... Must have something
to do with Mao… and his Old Chinese Politburo… the one that was into purges…. aha…
so the Soviet Reds, the Chinese Reds and the German Reds had all gotten
together to Assassinate her… oh god… why… why… why…. that’s it… she knew why… because
the old geezers couldn’t stand a woman on top... aha… noooooo….
Petrova’s usual somniloquy lasted anywhere between 45-183 seconds. At 389 seconds
and counting she was on a tear tonight. At the 450sec mark when they heard the loud
‘Nooo’, the guards had had enough. The Federal Protective Service aka the
President’s’ body guards entered the bedroom.
    “Madam is
everything all right?” asked the leading guard Mika. He immediately saw the old
guy in the white coat seated next to Petrova. “Shit there is someone else in
the room… looks like that chicken guy... hey who are you…?”
more like Santa…” screamed Vlad one of the other guards on the detail.
    Otto Fuchs
waved at the three Presidential guards. “Hola. This time the safety is on.”
Otto the rotund guy, seated next to their sweet, sleep talking President, the
guards almost went America over Otto’s ass with the ‘Sir… hands where I can see
them… lie down on your tummy… slowly spread your legs…’ routine. Almost.
    But then, Mika
and his men weren’t some inner city blues,  they were Russian Special Forces,
the best in close-quarter hand to hand combat.
    So Mika

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