Mystery of the 19th Hole (Taylor Kelsey, Mystery 1)

Mystery of the 19th Hole (Taylor Kelsey, Mystery 1) by AJ Diaz Read Free Book Online

Book: Mystery of the 19th Hole (Taylor Kelsey, Mystery 1) by AJ Diaz Read Free Book Online
Authors: AJ Diaz
Arterman, here’s what I think about the cases: the robberies and the café murder are connected.”
                  “Robberies?” said the lieutenant.  “You mean, you think all the robberies are from the same people?  Like a gang?”
                  “Yeah, you’re the one who suggested it.”
                  “I know, I know, but no one believes me.  Not even my wife.”
                  “I do.  And so does the eight o’clock news.”
                  “So”—Jeff leaned back in his chair—“what makes you think the robberies and the murder are connected?”
                  “One: they are all happening around the same time.  Two: Aaron Cadell’s father worked at the café until the day before the murder.”
                  “So, that’s got to mean something.  Right?”
                  “I don’t see the connection.”
                  “Neither do I,” said Susan.
                  “But I know they’re connected.  I just have a gut feeling.”
                  “But no one believes you, do they?” asked Jeff.
                  “Not even my parents,” sighed Taylor.  “But I’m going to prove everyone wrong.”
                  “Well,” said the lieutenant slowly, “I believe you.  It’s actually quite a compelling thought.  If we solve one case, we solve both.  Besides we have more leads on the murder case than the robberies.”
                  “Exactly my point,” said Taylor.
                  Jeff reached into a desk drawer, pulled out a file, and laid it on the desk before Taylor and Susan.  “This is all we know,” he said.
                  Just then, heavy sounding footsteps entered the room.  A guttural, tobacco-stained voice filled the humble office.  “Lieutenant, what do you think you’re doing?  Those files are confidential.”  It was Captain Tony Hamell.
                  “I—I’m sorry—I was just—these girls have an interesting theory.  They think the café murder and the robberies might be connected.”
                  “I—they don’t know.”
                  “Exactly, Lieutenant, they’re high school girls with nothing better to do than to make up exaggerated stories and bother people.  Lieutenant, they’re a lot of people in this department who wonder why you’re a lieutenant.  They say you’re too dumb for this position.  Well, frankly, I’m starting to agree with them.”
                  With that, the captain stormed out of the room.  They could hear his footsteps recede until a door slammed shut.  Lieutenant Arterman’s head was hanging in dismay.
                  “It’s all right,” said Taylor, “I still believe you.  I know how it feels when people don’t believe you.  My parents, teachers, best friends, the police captain, and my mortal enemy don’t believe me.”
                  Jeff looked up at them.  “Sorry you had to take those insults from the captain.”
                  Susan smiled.  “Insults are what we take best.”
                  “Well, we got to go,” said Taylor.
                  “Yeah, best wishes,” said Susan, already at the door.
                  Jeff dipped his head, scribbled something quickly on a piece of paper, and handed it to Taylor.  “Call me if anything comes up.  Police work can be dangerous.”  Then to Susan, “Tell your family in England ‘hi’ from the Formstaw Police Department.  FPD.”  He balled his fist when he said that last part.
                  Susan laughed, though he didn’t know

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