Naked Lies

Naked Lies by Ray Gordon Read Free Book Online

Book: Naked Lies by Ray Gordon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ray Gordon
Tags: naked, ray gordon, hardcore porn
wondering what on earth I was doing as I pulled my hand
away from my soaked knickers. My clitoris swelling, my vaginal
muscles contracted as images of Den fingering and licking me
buffeted my mind. It seemed that the forbidden carnal experience
had transformed me - I was sexually aware as never before. Was the
digression permanent? I wondered, allowing my hand to slip up my
skirt again, my fingers yanking my wet panties aside to explore my
yearning inner lips. Had the illicit experience roused a sleeping
    As Carole had
obviously given up, I pulled my saturated panties off and tossed
them onto the kitchen table. I needed to come again, I knew, as my
clitoris throbbed expectantly. I'd not masturbated since my teens,
but now I craved the relief of orgasm so much that I couldn't
resist the temptation to massage my pleasure bud and satisfy my
urgent desire.
    In the lounge,
I sat in Mat's armchair and pulled my short skirt up over my
stomach. I was wet, very wet, I observed, parting my outer lips and
scrutinizing my blushing sex flesh, my vaginal entrance. Hanging my
legs over the arms of the chair, my cunt opening wide, I focused on
my yawning vulva.
    Never before
had I examined myself there, my clitoris snugly canopied beneath
the exquisite fusion of soft labia, the wet flesh surrounding my
sex portal. Painfully stretching my outer sex pads, I gazed at the
intricate folds of my inner lips, the glistening flesh forming a
cone around my open hole.
    Massaging my
erect rosebud, breathing deeply as the wonderful sensations
permeated my contracting womb, I reclined in the chair. Never in my
life had I needed to come so much. Was it the thought of Den
fingering and licking me to orgasm that had caused my libido to
soar? I didn't know what it was as my flowering bud threatened to
burst beneath my vibrating fingertips.
within me had stirred, roused like a sleeping monster deep within
my subconscious. Whatever had happened to me, I felt alive with
sex, exhilarated, as waves of ecstasy emanated from my clitoris and
rolled through my trembling body. My cunt had been rudely
stimulated, shaken - roused from its customary inertia.
    My head
lolling to one side as I masturbated, my glazed gaze caught the
fruit bowl on the nearby coffee table. Grabbing a large banana, my
vagina aching, rhythmically contracting, I ripped the peel from the
fruit and pressed the end against the wet flesh surrounding my open
hole. I'd never slipped anything into my cunt before, not even a
finger. For a rational moment I hesitated, wondering at my wanton
    My hand
trembling as my arousal mounted, I was finally driven to plunge the
fruit deep into my tight sex duct, gasping as my hot cunt
tightened. The phallus cooling my inner flesh, I closed my eyes,
revelling in the wonderful sensations. Imagining a solid penis
inside me, I thrust the banana in and out of my drenched pussy as I
massaged my nub with my free hand, the incredible sensations
driving me wild as I arched my back and whimpered in my rising
    My lust juices
running down between my buttocks, trickling over my secret anal
portal, I increased my rhythm, pistoning the banana in and out of
my burning cunt as I vigorously massaged my pulsating clitoris. My
climax nearing, I felt my sensitive nipples stiffen and I pictured
Den sucking my areolae into his hot mouth, gently nibbling my erect
breast buds.
unscrupulous neighbour had turned my life upside - held my marriage
to ransom with his obscene blackmailing. At least I'd discovered my
sexuality! I thought gratifyingly as my vagina embraced the
pistoning banana, sending electrifying tingles marauding through my
trembling frame. But at what price?
    Again, I
promised myself never to allow Den to ogle my naked body, let alone
finger my cunt, lick my clitoris and take me to orgasm. What I'd
done was vulgar, deceitful and degrading in the extreme. Faith had
been broken, my marriage vows tossed on the wind of lust, my

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