NextMoves by Sabrina Garie Read Free Book Online

Book: NextMoves by Sabrina Garie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sabrina Garie
Commerce president Jocelyn Wade.”
    Passing her as he descended the stairs, his fingers brushed
her hip and ass. Her eyes flashed annoyance and something else. Yeah, she might
be fighting him but she was feeling him too. There were weapons to work with in
this game. He needed to dig.
    At the podium, Jocelyn owned the stage and the audience as
easily as Jared had. The crowd hung on to her every word and she knew how to
play to them. Hunger pooled at the base of his spine.Memories of the
sweet taste of her lips and her light citrus scent had his dick standing at
attention. No, he was not going to let this go.
    Don came up alongside him, just as Jocelyn scanned the
crowd, a wicked smile on her face. That look had his balls throbbing
mercilessly. It was the same tease after she mounted him, when she sucked the
caviar off her finger. She was planning something.
    A hand slapped Jared on the back. “Watch for the curve
ball,” said Don.
    “What do you mean?”
    “Meet Madison’s ice queen. She sets the agenda for the town.
That expression means a surprise new agenda item’s coming our way. Since you’re
the new kid in the sandbox…”
    “Ice queen?”
    “Before she took command at the Chamber too many businesses
were failing, our young people moved to bigger cities to find jobs. We were
fast becoming a ghost town. Jocelyn turned it all around. That iron-lined
backbone of hers salvaged the business base and improved our schools. That
frozen stare has every man in the state scared to death of her and she seems to
like it that way.”
    Jocelyn’s voice rose above their chatter. “I’m glad we kept
Health Corp open but that’s yesterday’s news. It’s time to plan for tomorrow
and we’re being too easy on our new athletic director.”
    Don elbowed Jared in the ribs. “Warned you.”
    Jared’s arms crossed his chest, his eyes narrowed, shoulders
stiffened as he waited to see what she would do.
    “The Lions have always made us proud,” she said. “Last year
they lost to the Jaguars in a sudden-death match.” That grin of hers deepened,
her body stood taller and her teeth headed for the jugular. “Asking our new
athletic director to win the nationals is the least we can expect from him. I
ask him instead to bring home the girls’ high school soccer national
championship trophy as well.”
    The crowd, stunned into silence for only a moment, broke
into thunderous applause.
    “She set you up good. Go up there and answer her.” Don
didn’t have to say it twice. No one handed him an agenda in his territory. She
overstepped and he was going to enjoy the payback.
    At the podium he flashed his anger at Jocelyn but he was all
smiles when he faced the audience. “Looks like I’ve been invited back.” He
pushed his hair off his face, giving himself a minute to pull his thoughts
together. ”Y’all should know that I never back away from a challenge and I play
to win. Developing additional champion teams has always been my plan and I’ve
already rehired Ted Farber to coach the Lions. Before I agree to manage the new
girls’ team, Ms. Wade, I have my own conditions.”
    Her glare shot ice bullets and her body stiffened in what he
could only interpret as repressed rage. She didn’t like his comeback. Good.
    “Oh, and what would that be?” Her voice was frigidly polite.
    “You commit to supporting it. The Chamber will raise as much
money for the girls’ team as the boys’ and pack the home bleachers with as many
fans.” Check.
    “Fair enough. I’m happy to commit to that.” Her shoulders
    “And I expect you, Ms. Wade, to be seated in the front row,
cheering the loudest at every game. You’re going to be my full partner in this
endeavor.” Checkmate.
    Her chest contracted so hard he thought he’d have to remind
her to exhale.
    “Upset, Jocelyn?” His voice pitched so only she could hear.
    “This isn’t over,” she whispered back, the scowl in her tone
clear enough to send a weaker man scurrying

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