No Normal Day

No Normal Day by J. Richardson Read Free Book Online

Book: No Normal Day by J. Richardson Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. Richardson
pretty good time. We've been gone about an hour from the house, probably traveled nearly
five miles, thought
Jack. They s till traveled along the sidewalk,
they reached what was generally a really busy street. It was going to
take a lot of maneuvering to get the mower and trailer and the ATV
between what had been bumper to bumper traffic. Jack pulled up, Lee
took some water out and they both take a drink. Jack said, “This
is going to be a little tricky.” Lee stayed with the rides and
Jack walked up the sidewalk, searched for a pathway. Finally about
two blocks up, there was a break in the choo-choo of cars. Jack went
back, climbed on. They moved up the walk, crossed at the break and
went back down the other side of the street to where they needed to
stopped again and said, “Sorry, got to take a leak”. Lee
nodded, “Go ahead and then I'll go, it's all that damn water”.
Jack walked down the steps at the side of the street. There was
actually a tunnel that snaked under, for walkers and bicyclist to
avoid the traffic. The sweet aroma of weed hit him just at the time
he saw three kids, two guys and a girl stood at the opening of the
tunnel. Smoke drifted around their heads and he was much more
startled than they were.
    “ Hey,
old dude. We are the trolls of the tunnel. You got to pay a toll to
go through here” All three laughed and coughed. Jack's hand was
on the sidearm but he figured these
three potheads were a little too mellow to be dangerous. Still,
can't be stupid.
    “ Well,
I am not going through. I was just looking for a place to piss. Since
you have a “lady” with you, I will find another place.”
They all three thought that was also hilarious.
just moved back and up the steps. “That head is occupied,”
he said to Lee, “We will have to move a ways and find a tree.”
fifteen minutes and Jack was really in a hurt to relieve himself. He
spotted a few bushes that lined the strip of grass next to the
sidewalk. He pulled up again, not even saying anything to Lee and
edged his way behind the bushes. Whew! That's way better. He
returns to Lee and the rides. “Sorry man, I was in a bit of a
rush. You go ahead.” Lee just shrugged his shoulders and made
for the bushes. After a drink and a granola bar they were moving
again. Jack was glad that they were not seeing many people along this
stretch and were moving along at a fairly good pace.
had started to believe, that they had a chance to actually make it to
Lynn's with no incidents and he recognized they were within a few
blocks of her house. As they passed the first of two apartment
complexes that were close to their destination, he began to feel a
little uneasy, however. He had always felt that these big complexes
with such a variety of renters, bred a lot of trouble. Especially,
some of them in this area. More people stood around these units than
they had seen on this whole trip, lot's of loud talk and booze being
passed around. Nobody had messed with them so far but they were
getting plenty of interested looks. They continued to move and had
cleared the second complex, Jack got a real bad feeling. Another two
blocks and Lynn's neat little house was within view. Jack eased over
and Lee swung in behind. Lee walks up to talk to him, “Are we
getting close, Jack?”.
    “ That's
her house, right over there on the corner”, said Jack.
“I've just got a spooky feeling. Lynn is a
real trusting soul, she rarely draws the blinds and opens her door
too quickly. I have lectured her, if anything ever goes bad, you lock
up tight, close all those blinds and wait for me. I will come and get
you. Darn her independent streak, she pays little attention to me.
Look over there, Lee, those blinds are closed tight. Maybe she
actually got scared enough to think of my warnings, but I've just
got a gut feeling.”
    “ So,
what do you want
to do?” said Lee.
    “ Let's
leave the rides here and walk up, with no announcement, and do a

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