Not Broken: True Destiny, Book 5

Not Broken: True Destiny, Book 5 by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online

Book: Not Broken: True Destiny, Book 5 by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dana Marie Bell
Tags: Multiples;MMF;Vikings;Gods and Goddesses;erotic
could be invaluable in getting Sylvia and Sydney moved in, but the cost might be something they weren’t willing to pay. “What do you want?”
    Nik’s smile sent shivers down his spine. “I want Toni moved in tomorrow.”
    Magnus blinked. “That…might be harder than you think.” The cop had refused every offer to move in, even after Fenris had declared her family. She’d saved Jeff’s life, healing him when nothing else had worked. They’d been surprised to find she had Valkyrie blood in her, but Nik had probably known all along. Hell, he probably knew what color underwear Magnus was wearing.
    Nik was one of the few gods, Aesir or Vanir, who scared the fuck out of Magnus.
    “She’s in danger. Move her in, and I’ll help you. Refuse, and I won’t.” Nik leaned forward, and for a moment Magnus saw the dark-haired, crystal-eyed god rather than the suave lawyer Nik pretended to be. “Trust me. You want my help, Magni, son of Thor.”
    Magnus gritted his teeth. By calling him that, Nik had made the request a formal one from one god to another. “I’ll do my best.”
    His best might involve a felony, but he’d get Toni here before the end of the day.
    Nik nodded and disappeared.
    There was silence in Morgan’s condo as the Guardian’s disappearing act left Magnus reeling. “How did he do that?”
    “I don’t know.” Travis frowned thoughtfully at the spot where Nik had been standing. “He’s always been a mystery, even to me.”
    Since Travis, also known as the god Tyr, had once been the Lord of the Vanir, that was saying something. Tyr had lost the war Odin had started, handing over the Godspear as a war prize. Under the influence of Idunn’s apples and Grimm’s influence, he’d quietly become one of Grimm’s staunchest supporters, even sacrificing his own hand to imprison his foster son, Fenrisùlfr, son of Loki. Once out from under that influence, he’d married Jamie Grimm and become one of Kir’s fiercest protectors. He’d been the one to free Fenris and bring Jeff and Fenris together.
    Fenris was finally forgiving him, and there was little Travis wouldn’t do for the werewolf.
    “How do we get Toni here?” Morgan ran his hands through his bright red hair, so similar to his own that Magnus almost felt it. His twin looked exactly like him except for the easier smile around his eyes and a slightly clearer sapphire blue in his gaze. Magnus’s eyes had a slight hint of green in them that edged him toward turquoise.
    “You two deal with that.” Val pointed toward Travis. “We’ll set up surveillance on Syd and Sylvia.”
    “Thanks.” Magnus had the feeling they had the easier job. Getting the cop moved in was going to be a pain in the ass.
    “I say we drug her.”
    Magnus stared at his brother. He could not have heard that correctly.
    “What? Can you think of a way to get her here without hurting her? Because I can’t.”
    “Are you serious?” Magnus was going to smack his twin. “She’ll feed us our balls.”
    Morgan looked smug. “Not if we lock her in her condo before she wakes up.”
    Magnus tried to find the flaw in his twin’s plan. “That could work.”
    Travis sighed. “I have a better idea than felony kidnapping. Why don’t you call her and ask her to come here to talk? Tell her about Slade, ask her to look at him and hear his story. Then tell her about Nik. Maybe if we tell her that her life might be in danger she’ll listen.”
    Magnus wasn’t so sure. “Toni is pretty stubborn.”
    Val piped up. “She’s a cop. If we tell her she’s there to protect Slade, she might do it.”
    “She’ll lose her job. She’s a homicide detective, remember?” Travis rubbed his chin. “Let me pull some strings, see if I can get her here without having to fight her.” He grimaced. “All right, Plan B. You two take Fen, Jeff and the van and set up the surveillance. Val will get Logan to set up Toni’s condo while I work on getting Toni here.”
    Val nodded and left, waving

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