Once Upon a Crime (The Sisters Grimm, Book 4)

Once Upon a Crime (The Sisters Grimm, Book 4) by Michael Buckley Read Free Book Online

Book: Once Upon a Crime (The Sisters Grimm, Book 4) by Michael Buckley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michael Buckley
Tags: Fantasy, YA)
smile and followed the fairy.
    "What are we going to do?" Hamstead asked.
    Granny shook her head. "I don't know, Ernest. I just don't know."
    * * *
    The celebration dragged on and on. The Everafters danced and drank. Momma poured glass after glass as quickly as she could. Sabrina noticed that like Mr. Hamstead, when Momma got excited she changed into her true form: an enormous black goose with a blue bonnet on her head. More than a few intoxicated guests ruffled her feathers, and she changed back and forth throughout the night.
    The girls were nearly as busy. Everyone wanted to shake the hands of Veronica's girls. (Sabrina was sure someone was going to yank her arm off at any moment.) They all had stories, too. Each Everafter shared a tale about their mother and how she had inspired or helped them; each story broke Sabrina's heart. As much as she wished it weren't true, it grew more and more obvious that Veronica had been a part of the Everafter community of
    New York City. Every story chipped away at the symbol her mother had become to Sabrina, of average, everyday, normal life, free of chaos and lunacy. Each story felt like a thief that crept in to steal her hopes and dreams.
    And what to make of Oberon's demands? Sabrina didn't know much about the Everafters, but she knew she didn't like Oberon. Judging from the crowd's response to him earlier that evening, it seemed as if the Everafters shared her sentiment. Oberon was a jerkazoid, as Daphne would have said. But could he be telling the truth? Could her mother have actually supported him in his power grab? She couldn't be sure because she had no idea who her mother was anymore. And even if Oberon was lying, what could Sabrina and Daphne do? He had Puck.
    While the girls were listening to praise from a woman who appeared to be wearing a dress made out of donkey skins, Oz came over and ushered the girls to a quiet corner. He looked even more nervous and fidgety than before. He pulled out his silver remote and pushed some buttons. The device let out a few loud squeals. Then Oz turned back to the girls, took Sabrina and Daphne by the hands, and looked deeply into their eyes.
    "Girls, your mother was one of the best friends I ever had, and it pains me to think that tonight Oberon will finally snuff out her legacy," Oz said. "The king is a fraud. He's lying to you.
    The last thing in the world Veronica Grimm would have wanted was for him to lead this community."
    "What do you want us to do about it?" Sabrina asked. "You heard his threat. He'll stop Cobweb from helping Puck."
    Oz peered around the room, again.
    "Girls, just tell the truth. Tell the crowd you never knew your mother's plans but you're sure she would never have wanted Oberon to rule. It will destroy any support he has from the community. After that, I'll create a diversion and in the chaos I'll take you to Puck. Then you can head back to Ferryport Landing. Cobweb has told me the boy is out of the woods and can be moved."
    "This sounds dangerous," Sabrina said.
    "Good," Daphne said, rubbing her hands together eagerly.
    The little girl was fearless.
    Oz smiled. "Veronica would be proud of you." He said his good-byes and slunk back into the crowd.
    * * *
    Soon, Everafters were pulling tables and chairs together, making one long banquet table and covering it with food, candles, and malted beverages. Puck's brother, Mustardseed, appeared.
    "Puck is safe," he said, confirming what Oz had already told them. He escorted the girls to seats at the head of the table.
    They sat down just as bowls of pasta with red sauce and plates of steaming meat were placed in front of them.
    "Is this all-you-can-eat?" Daphne cried. "I'm starving!"
    Mustardseed smiled and nodded. Canis, Granny Relda, and Hamstead found seats next to theirs.
    Bess, the beautiful blonde singer, took a seat next to Mr. Hamstead. On her other side was Tony Fats, who had already started eating. Bess glanced at Hamstead and smiled. He smiled back, but his already

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