One Wish Away

One Wish Away by Kelley Lynn Read Free Book Online

Book: One Wish Away by Kelley Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelley Lynn
bedroom, in the back. A glow, like a nightlight, shines from the center. With another quick look around, I sprint to the other side, the sound of every step echoing off the walls.
    The glass of the dome feels warm to the touch, almost to the point where I have to pull my hand away.
    But I can’t. I can’t pull away.
    In the middle of the dome is what looks like a dental chair, with a cloth over the top, a pillow resting on the seat.
    It barely registers I’m circling as I analyze the contents within, never removing my hand from the warm, smooth surface. When the wall stops, I almost fall in.
    My momentum has brought me to stand inside, sweat already forming on my brow. I walk toward the chair and take the cotton blanket in my hand. Nothing special. The pillow is ordinary as well. Next to the chair is a table with a helmet sitting on it.
    I pick it up and grunt at its weight. There are wires coming out the back that I follow to the machine standing at attention next to the table. It’s probably something Darren could comprehend.
    I put the helmet back and focus on the armrests of the chair. They look ordinary aside from where the hands rest. Straps of Velcro wind around and there are places for each finger. I wish I knew what all this meant.
    â€œWell, who do we have here?”
    Secretary Morgan, the Secretary of Defense, looms in the entryway of the dome, a smirk on his face. Fear grips my throat as I stare into his calculating eyes.
    With a flick of his head, three men rush toward me, weapons raised.

Chapter Seven
    â€œWait! Please! I didn’t do anything! I don’t know anything!”
    One large hand wraps around each arm, lifting me off the ground and carrying me out of the dome to the center of the room. I kick. I scream. I beg.
    â€œI swear I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything!”
    Cuffs lock my wrists behind my back, twisting the shoulder that already throbs. I’m thrust down onto the hard linoleum, tears mixing with saliva spill out at the Secretary’s feet.
    â€œSir, please. I don’t know anything, I swear.”
    â€œYou keep saying that, which makes me think you know something.” His eyebrow rises, sending a stabbing pain through my stomach.
    â€œYou have trespassed on private property. Where did you come from?”
    â€œThe road.”
    â€œThe road?”
    I snap my mouth shut. That was stupid.
Just don’t say anything
    The way he stands there, his arms wrapped over his chest, looking down his nose. He’s not the understanding type. He’s the freaking Secretary of Defense!
    â€œWhat are you doing in here? What were you looking for?” the Secretary continues his inquisition.
    I grind my jaw, determined not to incriminate myself anymore.
    â€œNothing?” The Secretary bends down so his face is closer to mine. “Fine. We’ll continue this questioning somewhere else.” He looks at the men surrounding me. “Bring her to my vehicle out back. Tell the Altairs I’ll have to miss the meeting and they can fill me in later.”
    The men lift me from the ground and start walking toward the door. I push my feet into the slick floor, my shoes squealing against the pressure. My voice breaks through the knot in my throat.
    â€œI want to talk to my Dad. David Altair.”
    The Secretary’s bushy eyebrows shoot upwards. The guards holding my shoulders, guns pointed at the back of my head, inhale.
    â€œYou’re David Altair’s daughter?” Morgan’s dark eyes sweep over my hair, my body, and rest on my face. “I think you might be,” he concludes. He waves his hand. I’m lifted off the ground, forced to the door.
    â€œI want to see my father!” I yell, wrenching my wrists and twisting my shoulders. Silence surrounds me and every blood vessel in my body freezes. They’re not going to let me see my dad. The Secretary exchanges low whispers with one of the

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