Only the Good Die Young

Only the Good Die Young by George Helman Read Free Book Online

Book: Only the Good Die Young by George Helman Read Free Book Online
Authors: George Helman
Tags: Mystery
her crimes, you’d be ready to shoot her yourself.’
    Dave went quiet. He wondered what the woman had done.
    ‘I’m innocent,’ she cried. ‘I don’t know what you think I’ve done but I’ve never committed any crime. I’m innocent.’
    Dave believed her. Richie might give him food and water but he wouldn’t be fooled. This man had serious problems.
    He heard a thump. He heard a cry. Had he hit her?
    ‘Please!’ she said. ‘My wheelchair! I need it.’
    ‘Stephen!’ cried Dave. ‘You’ve got to help us.’
    There was no answer.
    ‘Don’t worry,’ said Richie. ‘You won’t need your wheelchair where you’re going. Straight down the stairlift to a bottomless pit. I’m going to make sure of that.’
    Dave heard a bang, a scream.
    ‘No,’ he called. ‘Don’t hurt her.’
    He struggled against the rope. He kicked his legs. He couldn’t get away.
    ‘Help!’ she cried.
    Something kicked in, some feeling inside him. She was going to die and there was nothing he could do. He pushed his body against the rope. He tried to shake the bandage off his eyes. Nothing. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t help.
    He heard a dragging noise. The woman was moving towards him. He heard her pull herself along the floor.
    ‘You’re going nowhere,’ said Richie. ‘You need to suffer for your crimes.’
    Dave heard a scream.
    Then silence.
    ‘Are you OK?’ he called.
    There was silence.
    Then a thud of a kick against flesh.
    ‘Don’t you dare kick her,’ cried Dave.
    ‘Too late,’ said Richie. He sounded cheerful. ‘I just killed the bitch and there was nothing you could do. How do you like that?’
    Dave felt shame rush across him. He had let the lady die. And so had Stephen.
    ‘Stephen!’ he cried.
    ‘There is no Stephen you nimpty.’
    Footsteps came towards him. Dave felt himself sweating. He was warm now and shaking.
    ‘Like it?’ said Richie.
    Dave groaned as a foot hit his side.
    ‘Will you kill me too?’ he said.
    ‘Not until you’re old,’ said Richie.
    ‘The good die young? Ever heard of that? If you die young people will think you’re good, won’t they? And we all know you’re not, pig.’
    Dave felt another kick.
    ‘How old am I?’ he asked.
    ‘Not old enough. I’m not having these shitting old people thinking they’re some kind of martyrs. You’re with me now. We’re in for the long haul.’
    Dave could sense Richie was close. He pulled back his leg and kicked him hard.
    Richie fell backwards.
    Dave kicked his leg again but Richie was now out of reach.
    ‘You think you can fight me, do you?’ asked Richie.
    He was coming from the side now. Dave kicked his legs to the side. He hit him but gently this time.
    Richie moved.
    Richie kicked Dave in the groin.
    Pain spread through Dave’s body. He put his knees up to protect himself. He wanted to crouch on his side. The rope was stronger than him.
    ‘I’m not having this,’ said Richie. ‘Here I am, I’ve saved your life, I give you food and water, and this is how you thank me.’
    ‘You’re a killer. You’ll never win. You’ll be caught, banged up in jail forever. It’s just a matter of time.’
    ‘A matter of time, yes. And logistics,’ said Richie.
    His voice was from the other side of the cell now.
    ‘What are you doing?’ said Dave.
    ‘Back in a second, don’t worry,’ said Richie.
    Dave kept his knees up, waiting for the next attack. But when Richie came over, it wasn’t to hurt him. He took Dave’s kicking ankles firmly. He tied them with plastic ties.
    ‘It’s too tight,’ he said.
    ‘Yeah?’ said Richie.
    He walked off.
    Dave felt stupid. Why did he fight him when he knew there was no escape? If he’d killed Richie, he would still have been stuck here. He would have died quicker. He shivered. He must have been here for hours. It would become night again soon, and colder.
    The shutters opened again. The light was less now, as if it were dusk. He couldn’t make out anything. He wondered if

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