OWNED PART II: BLAZING DEVILS MC by Alexa Rynn Read Free Book Online

Book: OWNED PART II: BLAZING DEVILS MC by Alexa Rynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexa Rynn
thought you would be used to it.”
    Trigger shot me a
look. “That’s part of the problem.”
    “Explain,” I said
    “Na, you wouldn’t
understand.” He flopped down on the sofa and motioned for me to follow. I
hesitated a second and he rolled his eyes. “It’s just sitting down, Jennifer,
not an invitation into bed.”
    I felt myself
start to blush and then followed him onto the couch. “I don’t know why you’re
coming off as salty, most people would kill to be a part of your family and
club. Look at everything you get, you have way more than most people around
here twice your age.”
    Trigger sighed,
leaning back and rubbing his hands through his hair. “Did you ever wonder what
I was doing in that class the other day? Why I would even want to go to college
when my brothers have it all figured out for me?”
    I nodded. “I did,
actually. Especially since you never seemed like you paid much attention in
high school.”
    “Yeah,” he kept
rubbing his hands over his eyes, “that’s because I would hand my work in on the
low and pretend that every test I got back was an F.”
    “Why would you do
that? It makes no sense.”
    Trigger pulled his
hands away from his face and I could see for the first time all the pain and
confusion that lived there. “It makes perfect sense. The Ford brothers don’t do
well in school, they don’t go to college, they do what they’re taught. They run
the club and get this money. College isn’t part of the deal.”
    I couldn’t help
but move closer to him, I felt the need to be closer to him. I reached out and
started rubbing his back; his toned muscles stung my fingertips. “That’s not
fair. You should be able to have the life you want.”
    I could feel his
chest moving up and down slowly.
    “Tell me about it.
I was actually kind of relieved to see you in class the other day.”
    “How come?” I
asked, unable to keep my hands off of him.
    Damn what was
wrong with me?
    “It was a relief
to not have to carry the secret around with me any longer, to just be able to
talk to someone about it.”
    “You can always
talk to me.” And it even surprised me how much I meant it.
    Trigger looked at
me and I could see the pain in his eyes, the pain he must have been carrying
around for years without anyone really seeing it or him. I couldn’t imagine
what that felt like; I couldn’t imagine what it was like being him. He leaned
in closer to me and I couldn’t make myself move away from his taste as his lips
met mine.
    The kiss was
electric and I could feel myself start to burn up at just his taste. I opened my
mouth, allowing his tongue to enter mine. I let out a sound of pleasure and
deepened my mouth into his, not wanting him to ever stop kissing me.
    God, I had been
kidding myself about how good his touch was.
    His hands were in
my hair and I bit his lip gently. He groaned, pulling me closer to him. I
reached down and started to rub his dick through his shorts. I was surprised
and excited to find that he was already rock hard. I couldn’t keep my hands off
his hard cock, rubbing the tip back and forth through his shorts.
    “You want that?”
he asked me between kisses.
    I gasped. “Yes.”
    He kissed me again
hungrily. “Say please.”
    He was trying to
dominate me and I hated how much I liked it.
    “Please,” I
    “Please, what?”
    “Please, can I
suck your cock?”
    He pulled his
shorts and boxers down fast, revealing his long and thick member. It was all
swelled up and hard and I felt myself gasp at its size, suddenly nervous that I
had to fit it in my mouth.
    “Jerk it off,” he
    I started to
slowly stroke it up and down and he grinned, enjoying the feeling.
    “You gonna take
the whole thing in your pretty face, Jennifer?”
    I nodded nervously
and he grinned.
    He placed his hand
on the back of my head and moved me down toward his lap. I opened my mouth and
let his hard cock slide into my mouth. I sucked it in and out slowly for a

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