Panties for Sale

Panties for Sale by Mattie York Read Free Book Online

Book: Panties for Sale by Mattie York Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mattie York
couch. She perched on
the edge, with her hands folded in her lap and tried to think of something to
say. She could feel David staring at her, wanting her to turn towards him.   It made her feel awkward, so she pretended to
be intrigued with the few stars actually visible from the open patio
window.   “You’re very pretty,” David slid
closer, “like your profile, but better.”  
    ‘Thank you.”
    “Your hair looks very soft, can I touch it?”  
    “Um, ok,” David took a few strands of her hair and twirled
them around his fingers.   Then he reached
up petted her, stroking her hair from the top down to the ends.   With his free hand he reached around and
turned Alex’s face to his.   Alex bit her
bottom lip and looked into his eyes, searching for a glint, a spark of
attraction to make this easier.   She
tried to ignore the open desperation.   It
was creepy.
    David reminded Alex of that weird person, the one with no
friends, who invites herself out with you for lunch.   And you accept because you don’t want to be
mean.   But then you spend your whole
lunch forcing yourself to be nice and smile and make conversation.   But Alex couldn’t back out now.   She couldn’t run away.   She had to get used to this feeling,
right?   She wouldn’t always be attracted
to her clients.   So what?   She didn’t have to be attracted to them.   They were still human, right?   And David was a nice man.   Maybe not her type, but still.  
    So, Alex did the only thing she could do, she closed her
eyes and kissed him.
    One thing Alex knew she could do well was kiss.   And David wasn’t that bad, so it didn’t take
long for things to progress. When Alex stopped to catch her breath, she was
surprised at how turned on she was. Was it just the newness? The idea of
pleasing this anonymous man? It couldn’t be David, could it?   Alex blinked her eyes and refocused on the
man looking up at her and shivered.   No,
it wasn’t David. Trying to avoid his gaze, Alex looked around the room and
noticed that all the lights were still on and the blinds to the balcony were
wide open. “Can people see in?” Alex tried to pull her shirt closed.
    “Maybe,” David smiled lazily.  
    “Don’t worry,” David took Alex by the hand and led her down
the hall into the bedroom.    Not
bothering to turn on the lights, he led Alex to the far side of the bed, and
then walked around to his side and began to undress.   Alex stood awkwardly on her side of the
bed,   watching David in the dim light as
he folded up each article of clothing as it was removed. Alex was used to being
undressed in the throes of passion, ripping his clothes off as she tried to
shimmy out of hers.   Or as foreplay,
slowly undressing in front of her partner, teasing him until neither of them
could take anymore.   But this?   Clinical undressing?   She reminded herself that she wasn’t there to
practice and began to undress herself.  
    “Wait,” David shouted as Alex started to climb up onto the
bed.   He ran out of the room and returned
with a large towel in his hand.   Shooing
Alex off the bed, he carefully unfolded it, and placed it down over the center
of the bed.   “Ok,” he patted the towel,
“now you can get up.”   Alex stood by the
side of the bed biting her lip, watching him.   Perhaps thinking that she needed more encouragement, David crawled up
onto the bed and lay down in the middle of the towel.   Smiling, he patted the space beside him.  
    Alex looked up at the ceiling, over to the wall, then at
the open door.   And then, she looked back
at David, lying naked on the bed, staring up at her.   With a sigh, she climbed up on the bed.  
    Feeling the need to get control of the situation, Alex
crawled over the towel and leaned over David.   She flicked her long hair back over her shoulders and then lowered her
face to his.   She kissed him first gently
on the lips then worked her way down to his neck and

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