Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom by Shelley Munro Read Free Book Online

Book: Peeping Tom by Shelley Munro Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shelley Munro
Now he knew. Felix moved closer and kissed her, reveling in the feel of soft skin against his chest. Their lips met, urgent and needy. Tasting and communicating their desperation for each other. Felix pulled away, breathing hard, the scent of perfume and eucalyptus and underlying shifter playing havoc with his senses. He wanted to enter her from behind in the traditional way. Before he could even verbalize the need, Tomasine turned her back on him and knelt on all fours. She glanced over her shoulder before he had a chance to hide his expression of surprise.
    “I…you don’t mind, do you?” Tomasine chewed on her bottom lip, her brown eyes holding sheer chagrin at her slip.
    Peeping Tom
    Felix didn’t comment. He couldn’t. She’d read his mind and his balls were so tight he was in pain. He didn’t mind one bit. Felix moved behind her and widened her stance a fraction. He guided his cock to her entrance and rubbed the head in her juices. Sheer, unadulterated pleasure snaked through his body, so intense Felix gritted his teeth. The spicy tang of arousal rose to greet him, bringing raw, carnal need. Then a prickle started, the prickle that heralded the change to feline slid seductively across his skin. Astonished, he froze, his heart pounding with fear. He didn’t want to change in front of the reporter. Even though he suspected—no, knew—she was a shifter, he didn’t trust her. He might want to fuck her, he might know she was his mate, but it was too early to give her full access to his life, his brothers’ lives or put the other Middlemarch shifters in possible danger.
    Sweat beaded on his forehead when the change continued, his body hair increasing. His hands starting to change to claws, despite his mental screech to stop. He didn’t know what to do. Saber hadn’t mentioned anything like this happening but then they hadn’t seen much of Saber recently to discuss that sort of thing. A faint glow emanated from his hands and he hissed in alarm, fighting the change with everything he had. Panting and gritting his teeth despite the lengthening of his canines. Sex . The thought popped into his mind and he acted instinctively, pushing deep into her moist flesh instead of dallying. His breath eased out on a purr. It was pure heaven feeling the slick walls of her pussy clenching him firmly. Just being inside her tight channel seemed to ease the desire to change even though he had a desperate need to bite and mark her flesh. Felix relaxed a fraction and pulled out until his cock rested just inside her womb. Tomasine waggled her butt at him, dislodging his cock. They both groaned, a sound of disappointment.
    “Hurry,” Tomasine said.
    “Why? We have all night.”
    Tomasine tensed for an instant. He felt it when he gripped her hips to guide himself back into her pussy with delicate precision. A pent-up breath eased out when he 35
    Shelley Munro
    pushed inside. Secrets. The woman held them close to her chest but now he knew they were there… Felix thrust hard and deep, no longer worried about the change since the need seemed to have receded now that they were making love. He leaned over her, dominating her pliant body with his strength. Felix thrust, setting up a rhythm that pleased him, slow and steady and deep. He nuzzled at her neck and couldn’t resist licking the delicate skin behind her ear. The taste of shifter leapt across his taste buds. She’d missed a spot when she’d sprayed the perfume. He licked again and she purred, a low, rough sound that vibrated through his body straight to his balls. She tasted of the earth, of nature and all things wild and exotic. He couldn’t resist a tiny nibble and felt her womb clamp down hard on his cock. Felix grinned and increased the speed of his thrusts. As much as she tried, she couldn’t hide her identity from her mate. His hands caressed her shoulders before dropping to cup her breasts. He tugged at a distended nipple and her cunt clasped him tightly again.

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