Perfect Crime

Perfect Crime by Jack Parker Read Free Book Online

Book: Perfect Crime by Jack Parker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jack Parker
    He glanced at his passenger, who had returned to observing the passing sights out the side window, Scott changed the subject, "We're headed to the Pier. Let's see if there is something to the postcard picture."
    Whether she'd heard his intentions, he couldn't say but it was right then Tessa shifted in her seat to look at her companion. "Considering what happened in the garage, you're very calm."
    Most people focus on themselves when confronted with danger. It takes someone unusually observant to note the uncharacteristic behavior of others. Scott's admiration of Tessa went up a notch. Fingers drummed on the leather steering wheel as Scott offered the deadpan answer, "I'm always calm."
    "So…what... people shoot at you a lot?"
    "How'd you know?"
    She smiled. "Very funny."
    He shrugged. "I grew up on Navy bases, so the sound of gunfire doesn't bother me. It used to put me to sleep some nights like the muffled sound of popping corn."
    "Popcorn?" she half choked out her response.
    The strangled sound had Scott glancing in her direction. He could tell that she didn't agree with his casual appraisal. To add to his credibility, he added, "I paid for college with ROTC." He didn't elaborate, figuring she'd heard the acronym before, and anyways, it was a logical step for the son of a soldier. The military supported his college fund as long as he entered the reserves or active service after his education was complete. "And I spent a year in Afghanistan on active duty."
    For the first time Tessa took a look at Scott; not at his outward appearance, but what lay beneath the surface. A strange order of events in her mind—most become journalists, then do their 'tour' reporting the war, she'd never heard of a reporter trading his pen in for an MP5. How ironic, she thought, that in a manner of speaking, both their fathers had taught them how to play with guns. She commended Scott's father; at least he'd taken a more honorable road.
    "What do you want to do? Drive around, or..."
    "This is as good a place to park as any." Scott said, filling in the blank, as he pulled into an empty stall just off the main gate of Navy Pier. "At the very least it will be an experience; I've never been here."
    "I've been once or twice." Her eyes were busy, scanning the crowd for anything unusual. The sun had just set, but the attraction was crowded, mostly with couples and families looking for an after-dinner stroll.
    "Let's go have a look around," Scott said as he unfolded his long frame from the car.
    Brushing back the few hairs that had fallen loose around her face, Tessa drew a deep breath, released it slowly, and climbed out of the car.
    It had made sense to fall back and let the other car out of their sight, but now Scott appeared to regret the decision. Some of his irritation showed in the set of his shoulders as he eyed the entrance to the tourist attraction; a large gateway topped with an arched sign and neon lights.
    He said, "The view might be better from the Ferris wheel. Maybe we can pick up their trail."
    "Or not." Tessa said bluntly. She seemed to be fidgeting with the sleeve of her sweater and looked more nervous than a half-second before "Maybe we should wait for Marcus to call us back," she paused, then added "then maybe we'll have a name."
    He shook his head and took the opportunity to look apprehensively from side to side. "Naw, I like my idea better."
    There was a carnival-type atmosphere on the pier, with music and laughter. Tessa was reluctant to admit that she liked it, but she did. The smell of cotton candy made her mouth water. Together they walked towards the pier, with its large amusement park attractions lit against the night sky. "I forgot how big it is," Tessa whispered, eyeing the big wheel; the latent fear of heights causing her to shut her eyes.
    Scott reached and pulled the postcard gently from her hand, his soft fingers brushing across hers. Holding it up in the dim light, he took a hard look at the card.
    She was

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