Personal Possessions
’Dominating Destroyer’ when it came to business. I was there to
take everything from people, and leave a cloud of dust behind
    “I’ve been ready.”
determination ringing through my voice, as I kept my eyes on the
road, my face stern, as it had been for fourteen years. I didn’t
smile anymore, I was numb after all the shit I’d been through. I
was a machine now, out to take what I wanted, and move on to the
next deal, the next paycheck, the next female.
    “Look, when you get back,”
he hesitated a moment, “We need to talk.”
    This intrigued me,
something must’ve been going on.
    “Oh?” I said as I turned
off of the interstate.
    “Nothing bad, just been
thinking about some things, and I think it’s time we sat down and
had a chat.”
    Greg wasn’t the type to
beat around the bush, he said what he had to say and didn’t care
who he pissed off. So, if something was bothering him, he would’ve
already come out and said it.
    “Well, I’m on the four
o’clock flight into Boston, I’ll meet you at the bar and we’ll get
a drink.”
    “Sounds good, call me when
ya land.”
    Parking the rental around
the corner from the attorney’s office, so that they couldn’t see me
coming, I glanced down at my watch, 10:05. I was early, our
appointment wasn’t until 10:45. I liked to be early, it allowed me
time to go over important information right before heading in, and
also to get a feel of my surroundings. To know what I was going to
be heading into.
    Like this small attorney’s
office, he probably was an attorney just about ready to retire,
doesn’t give much thought about the fight anymore. All he wants is
his client to sign the papers, and collect his percentage. I knew I
could argue my way outta anything with these people. Sometimes the
fight could get dirty, but I didn’t see that happening this
    As partners, Greg and I
agreed on everything. Granted sometimes we’d have to talk each
other into agreeing, but we stated facts as pros and built
arguments against the cons, eventually coming to a mutual
agreement. One thing that I really went to bat for was that our
names not be used in the contracts. Everything needed to be done
under Mac-Gentry and for good reason, backlash.
    You have to realize that
these people had spent the last year or two working their asses off
to try and save their company, by the time it would come to us, it
was too late. They often refused to realize this was the end, or
else they couldn’t. So, for Greg’s family’s sake, I didn’t want his
name or information placed on anything that would be handed to
pissed off, fairly well-off people.
    Me, I couldn’t care less.
I didn’t have any one to protect, especially a family. I hadn’t
been back to see my mom since the day I left Georgia. When I passed
this state’s border, I never looked back. Nothing here made me want
to turn back, until now.
    This meeting right here
was the first one that affected me personally. I did not want my
name on any legal documentation with the companies that were
subsidiaries of the Mac-Gentry firm. My father was a smart man, and
I didn’t want him seeing this coming. I wanted him trapped and
    I went through the last of
the paperwork I had and put it all in my briefcase. I glanced at my
watch again and then looked back up. 10:40. I drove the rental
around the corner, noticing several cars parked in front of the
building, one being a jaguar. I knew that jaguar, my father
purchased a new one every two years for as long as I could
remember. He was here.
    The man that treated my
mother and me like we were gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe was
here, was in the building that stood right in front of me. The best
part was, he is getting ready to sign over a business that was so
thoughtlessly run into the ground that he needed me to save it. He
was signing it over to me.
    I was the one, who would
never be as good as him. The accident he never wanted, the mistake
that tied him to

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