Pieces of the Past (Witness Security Book 1)

Pieces of the Past (Witness Security Book 1) by Jamie Hill Read Free Book Online

Book: Pieces of the Past (Witness Security Book 1) by Jamie Hill Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jamie Hill
cold pack into place and turned to look at the girl. “If you didn’t want me to come in, you should have locked the door.” Glancing back at Christine he asked, “Is everyone okay?”
    “ I’m fine. Ethan’s a bit shaken, but we’re all good.” She nodded toward the flowers on the coffee table. “Well, as good as we can be under the circumstances. Someone has found us. Peyton, show him the flyer.”
    He took the college brochure from the girl and examined it.
    “See who it’s addressed to,” Christine urged.
    “ Peyton Stewart. Damn.” He flicked it back and forth against his leg.
    “ And just when we noticed that, the doorbell rang. A flower delivery guy, with flowers for Christine Stewart. At first I said no, it wasn’t me. Then I realized the significance and I guess I lost it.”
    “ Significance?” He looked at her.
    She was trembling. “Today would have been our nineteenth wedding anniversary.”
    “ Daddy always sends Mom yellow roses on their anniversary,” Peyton informed him.
    Christine looked at her daughter. “Would you please stop saying that? We aren’t married anymore.”
    Doug paced the room. “And Daddy doesn’t know where you are. But someone does. Well, my friends, it’s time to go.”
    “ Go?” Peyton bristled. “What do you mean, go?”
    Doug faced her. “I mean, go upstairs, pack what you can fit in two bags, and make sure you’ve got the important stuff. We won’t be coming back here for a while.” If ever , he thought to himself, but didn’t say it. The family was nervous enough.
    Peyton stood and planted her hands on her hips. “We can still go to school, right? I have a project due tomorrow. And there’s a dance Friday night after the football game.”
    He tried to pass off an easy-going smile, but wasn ’t sure it worked. “Looks like a few days reprieve on the project. You won’t be going to school tomorrow. We’ll worry about Friday later.”
    “ But—”
    Christine cut the girl off. “Please do what he says, Peyton. It’s not safe here anymore. We’re not safe. We need to get going right away.”
    “ Actually,” Doug peered between drapery panels out the front window, “I’d like you all to get packed and be ready. But if everything stays quiet, we won’t leave until dark.”
    “ Is that a good idea?” Christine’s voice cracked.
    His heart lurched. He sensed her fright, and hated to see her so upset. But he was doing what needed to be done. “It’ll be fine,” he assured as he pulled out his phone. “I’ll make certain the TPD stays in place until we go. It’s always better to move under the cover of darkness in case someone is watching.”
    “ Where will we go?”
    He glanced around, aware that the house could potentially be bugged. Placing one finger to his lips he whispered “Shh,” and shook his head.
    Her eyes widened. “Do you think—?”
    “ Shh,” he repeated, then shrugged to indicate he really didn’t know, but wasn’t taking any chances.
    “ This sucks!” Peyton stormed across the room. “I want to talk to Jordan. She’ll know what to do.”
    Doug gazed at her calmly. “Jordan is out of commission. I know what to do. Getting you to do it seems to be the hard part.”
    “ It’s only her ankle, you said so yourself. I think she can still use a phone.”
    “ She probably could, but I happen to know she’s heavily medicated at the moment to keep the pain under control until the surgery. She won’t be thinking clearly, and I’m not going to put her in that position. You need to have a little faith in me, and do as I ask.”
    “ Like that’s going to happen.” Peyton pulled a cell phone from her pocket and began punching numbers.
    “ Give it.” Doug held his empty hand out.
    “ Peyton, do what he says,” Christine demanded.
    “ No, Mom! We don’t know this guy. I’m not going anywhere with him and you shouldn’t either.” She continued to poke at her phone.
    Doug sighed. Yesterday she ’d been too

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