Pretty Cow - The Making of a Hucow

Pretty Cow - The Making of a Hucow by Cindel Sabante Read Free Book Online

Book: Pretty Cow - The Making of a Hucow by Cindel Sabante Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cindel Sabante
Tags: rough sex, BBW, pet play, milking, lactation, breastfeeding, suckling, hucow
The bass boom of the subwoofers in the corner made it
nearly impossible for me to hear anything. "What?!" I yelled back at
Kim, "I can't hear you at all!"
    Kim, my best friend, pulled me off of the dance floor
and towards the bar. Her thick painted lips were moving, but I still couldn't
understand anything she was trying to say.
    "I seriously can't understand you!"
    Kim kept trying, eventually pulling me into the
bathroom where the music was muted and her voice was amplified by the tiled
walls. She was hysterical by the time she pushed the door closed.
    "They took her!" she said as she paced
frantically. "They fucking took her! Right from the bar!"
    My good mood instantly vanished. There was only one
person that Kim could be talking about. It was my twin sister Nicole who'd come
out with us tonight. My blood ran cold. "Who took her Kim? Who took
    The poor blonde was shaking and mumbling to herself.
"I tried to help. Tried to stop them. No one could hear me..." Her
head rose from the floor and her blue eyes, wide with fright, stared right at
me. Kim sent chills down my spine. "I tried to stop them Jenny! I tried to
help her!"
    I grabbed Kim, pulling her into a hug. She was shaking
like a leaf and wouldn't stop crying. My mind was running a mile a minute. What
the hell was I going to do? If Kim was right, someone had taken my sister. I
had to find her.
    Pushing my hysterical friend away from me for a
moment, I pressed her for more information. "Hey, I need you to focus. Who
took my sister?"
    "B, B, Biiig guys! Two of them. I tried to stop
    I ran a hand through her hair and tried to keep a
smile on my face. Kim was barely keeping it together. I couldn't let her crack
right now. "I know you did Kim. Just calm down. What did you do next? Did
you try and call the cops?"
    The addled blonde nodded and pulled her phone out of
her purse. "Tried. I tried to help her! They smashed my phone..." I
looked at the smartphone in Kim's hand. The pink phone, covered in Hello Kitty
stickers, was a mangled mess. The screen was shattered and was bent in the
middle as if someone had tried to break the phone in half. There was no way it
worked anymore. "I tried to call..."
    Kim's eyes glassed over and she was gone. Though her
body was still upright and her eyes were still open, there didn't seem to be
anyone behind them anymore. I shook her, hoping to get some kind of response,
but she just stared at me. "Damn it Kim! You need to snap out of it! We
need to find Nikki!"
    My sister was gone and my best friend just went
zombie. I didn't have a phone. Nikki and I shared to save money. What the
hell do I do?
    "Come on Kim," I said as I pulled on her
arm. Kim shuffled forward a step, but it was clear that she didn't want to
move. Not anymore. "Kim, I need you right now! We have to find her!"
She still didn't move. She wasn't even blinking anymore. I needed to find my
sister and right now, Kim was nothing but dead weight. "Alright, new plan.
You stay here. I'll come back and get you once I find Nikki."
    Kim didn't respond and she didn't chase after me when
I bounded out of the bathroom either. Full of energy and high on adrenaline, I
pushed the door open and ran into the club as fast as I could in heels and a
party dress. But I didn't make it more than a few feet before two large hands
grabbed my arms.
    The hands tightened on my tiny arms, with thick
fingers pressing into my skin. "What the fuck?!" I screamed even
though I knew no one could hear me. I looked left then right and saw two men,
both large and smiling, holding me in place. "Let me go!"
    But the men didn't loosen their grip on my arms.
Instead, their smiles grew, showing me rows of crooked yellow teeth. I tried to
shake them off, but the men just tightened their grip. I screamed in pain as
dirty fingernails dug into my skin. Why wasn't anyone stopping them? The club
was packed and no one was doing anything!
    One of the men pointed towards the bathroom and I saw
a third burly man

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