Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4)

Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4) by Jessica Wilde Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4) by Jessica Wilde Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Wilde
he stopped the truck in front
of his home. She would play outside all day if there was no one to remind her
to eat and rest. She ran around with her dark braids flopping up and down on
her back and it wouldn't take long for her to become unrecognizable once the
dirt started to stick.
    "Liam! Come look at the puppies. They've grown
already!" Fiona shouted as he walked up the path to the house.
    Fiona had been keeping a constant vigil on the recent litter
of puppies her dog, Guinevere - a giant Irish Wolfhound - gave birth to just
three weeks before. It was hard to keep the little girl around when there were
seven puppies to cuddle with.
    "Aye, Finny, I'm running," Liam called as he
followed his little sister to the shed behind the house.
    She already had three of the pups in her lap by the time he
caught up to her and she was right. They were all grown quite a bit and it was
getting difficult for her to hold them.
    "Take care with the teeth, Finny. You don't want Ma to
scold you again for not being able to do the wash."
    Fiona frowned and dropped her head forward, "They don't
mean to bite me, Liam. They just can't help that their teeth are sharp as
    "Right you are."
    Liam held a small puppy in his hands while Fiona checked on
Guinevere who looked like she was about to collapse.
    "Maybe I should take Gwinny inside tonight, she looks
shattered," she said, concern in her small voice and her dark blue eyes
wide as saucers.
    "Why would you want to take the children away from
their mother?" Liam asked her and her reaction was amusing.
    "Oh!" she cried. "No, that won't be right at
all. You can't take a child from her ma."
    "And how do you think Gwinny would feel to be separated
from her babies?"
    Fiona's brow furrowed as she pondered the question.
"You are right, Liam. She wouldn't appreciate that at all. I think she
might blather at me all night if I kept her from them. I just thought she might
want a chance to rest without the little ones climbing all over her."
    Liam crouched down and tugged on one of Fiona's braids.
"You are a smart child, Finny. And I think you've done a wonderful job
taking care of the pups. Guinevere is grateful to you."
    Fiona beamed at him and he felt a warmth in his chest
knowing that he just made her day.
    "Come inside now. Ma will be needing help in the
kitchen with Aunt Maggie coming over."
    Fiona grumbled under her breath about doing housework and
cooking disgusting vegetables, but Liam knew she would do anything that was
asked of her and she would do it with a smile.
    They walked inside the house together and Cara was already
pacing the floors discussing her upcoming outing with a boy Liam was sure
couldn't take care of her.
    "Ma, he said that he wanted to make sure I spent time
with family at the festival. That's a good thing," Cara stated, wringing
her hands together only to pause for a moment when she saw Liam in the doorway.
    "Yes, love. He sounds like a good man. Family is the
most important and I've spoken with his mother before. They are good
people," his mother said while seasoning beef she would be cooking later.
    Liam tried to be as casual as he could when he asked,
"What man?"
    He wasn't fooling anyone if the look on Cara's face was any
    "None of your business, Liam. I'll not have you chasin'
Jerry off like you did with Sam," Cara stated with a glare.
    "Sam left on his own, Cara. Brian only mentioned the
shooting tournament in passing and he bolted like a rabbit."
    Cara rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest
while Ma stood by the sink, chuckling. Liam could see her shoulders bouncing up
and down and if Cara looked right then, all hell would break loose.
    His sister stepped forward with her hands pressed together
like a prayer. Her long brown hair was braided over one shoulder and the
freckles on her nose stood out against her pale skin. Cara was beautiful and
they all knew it. Didn't help that she took after their father with those
bright green eyes. The boys

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