Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4)

Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4) by Jessica Wilde Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4) by Jessica Wilde Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Wilde
went crazy over her every chance they got and Liam
had his hands full already.
    "Please, Liam. Jerry has been good to me and he really
wants my family's approval. Promise me you won't run him off and swear you will
talk to Brian."
    Liam couldn't handle the look his sister was giving him. He was
always a sucker for his younger siblings. He glanced over at Fiona who was
watching the conversation carefully from the other corner of the kitchen. Fiona
smiled at him and he knew right then and there that no man would ever be good
enough for either of his sisters, but as long as they were happy, he would
    "Alright, Cara. I'll mind my own business and I'll
treat Jonny with respect."
    "It's Jerry."
    "Right. Jerry will be welcomed and I'll make sure Brian
knows as well."
    Cara watched him for a long moment, probably waiting for a
sign that he was lying or planning something diabolical that would embarrass
her. Liam let her take her time until she was satisfied and turned back to
their mother to continue the previous conversation.
    Mary Brannock loved all her children, but she had a special
place in her heart for her girls. The boys just caused trouble while Cara
worshipped the ground Mary walked on. Fiona was still figuring things out, but
their mother was the one they all could count on no matter what.
    "Is Maggie alright, son?" she asked. His aunts
were all the family his mother had left and they did everything they could to
take care of each other. Her sisters were a part of the Brannocks whether they
liked it or not.
    "She's doing well, Ma. Has a new tenant to care for so
I imagine she'll be occupied this next month."
    His mother nodded with a warm, grateful smile before giving
Cara all of her attention once more.
    Liam walked to his room and sprawled out on his bed to stare
at the ceiling. Cara's mention of the festival his family attended every year
made him cringe. He'd always been there with them, but he never truly enjoyed
it. To be honest, it hadn't even crossed his mind to ever go again. He would be
there for Cara, though, and be a buffer for Jerry if he needed to.
    His thoughts wandered to the woman staying at Maggie's
rental house. Would she be there? He was sure Maggie would suggest it to
her. If she was going, then he could volunteer his services to accompany
her so she wouldn't be alone.
    His lips curled upward into a smile. He would have to make
sure he ran into her a couple of times before hand so she got to know him.
    "That smile does not look safe, Liam."
    Brian was watching him from his desk across the room. Colin
was the only child in the house with his own room since no one in their right
mind wanted to share with him.
    Brian looked like their mother more than their father. He
had the same dark hair and blue eyes as Liam, but a softer look around the
edges of his face. He always stayed clean shaven and his nose was perfectly
straight since he'd never been in a fight with anyone. Brian was usually able
to talk his way around another person until they didn't even understand the
logic of why they were upset with him. He was smart and handsome which
their mother always said was going to be dangerous when it came to the girls.
But Brian didn't know he was good looking, so it was really a triple
    The girls went crazy anytime he smiled and still, he shied
away from most of them.
    "Anything I should know before all hell breaks
loose?" Brian added with a mirthless laugh.
    Liam gave his brother a half shrug and moved his eyes back
to the cracked ceiling.
    Brian let it go. "Is Cara still blatherin' about
    "She is."
    "And we are supposed to behave, I take it?"
    "We are," Liam replied.
    "I guess it's about that time. We should probably be
kind, but not let the bugger get away with anything."
    Liam smirked and turned his head to face Brian again.
"Of course not."
    Brian shrugged and turned back to his book. "It's no
fun if we can't at least try to run them off."
    "Aye," Liam smiled. "You are right

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