Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4)

Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4) by Jessica Wilde Read Free Book Online

Book: Protector (The Brannock Siblings Book 4) by Jessica Wilde Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Wilde
moment before he finally turned away and
walked to his car. The hammer could wait, but if he didn't leave now, he could
stand there and wait all day for another glimpse of her.
    Liam rolled his shoulders as he climbed into his truck,
feeling the tightness fade out until he could draw in a long breath. What was a
woman like that doing traveling alone? All the way from America? It didn't seem
     The drive home wasn't long, but it gave him too much time
to think. He had some decisions to make soon and those included his time spent
helping Maggie with her rental and the small restaurant she owned. He could
pass the responsibilities on to someone else and he was sure Maggie would
support anything he did. It was a difficult decision, though, since he knew how
busy she was and she was his mother's sister. He couldn't abandon her.
    The Brannocks were a large family. With Liam being the
oldest at twenty three, he made sure he was around to help his parents out
whenever they needed him. It wasn't expected, but it was a privilege. His four
younger siblings were old enough to help out, but they were too busy sneaking
off to meet their friends and begging Liam to cover for them.
    His brother, Brian, was only a couple years younger than
Liam and was the smartest out of all of them. He spent most of his days
studying or reading and kept to himself for the most part. That is, until the
others decided it was time to get into trouble. Brian's goal was University, their goal was to make sure he knew they were all upset that he was leaving them. He
had friends far and wide. Friends that were more like connections.
    Liam had no doubt Brian would go far in life.
    Cara was next and as the oldest daughter, she had a motherly
way about her. Being only eighteen with two older brothers that didn't think
anyone was good enough for her, she didn't get the chance to go out very often
unless it was with friends Liam and Brian trusted. He figured they should
probably back off a bit, but it was too much fun to get her riled up. Ma scolded
them, but he knew she appreciated her sons watching out for her beautiful
daughter. Cara was no push over, either. They'd all seen her wrath more than a
few times.
    Colin was another story. At sixteen, the boy didn't have the
slightest clue what he wanted out of life and spent most of his time chasing
girls that didn't want to be chased. Colin was also crazy and daring. Liam
found himself running to help him more times than he could count and their
mother and father were nearly at the end of their rope. Doctors were expensive
and Colin was a regular, not to mention the fact that his father's coworkers
knew the boy better than they should have.
    Fiona was the youngest. After Colin, Liam's parents hadn't
planned on having another child, especially since Colin was born on the move.
Fiona was the blessing they all needed. She was ten years old and just as
active as Colin, but also as smart as Brian. She paid attention to what was
expected of her while Ma and Cara helped her along the way. For now, Liam was
her hero and although he knew it would change, it was a job he loved.
    Mary and William Brannock had raised their five children as
best as they could and every single one of those children were grateful for
their love and support. Now if Liam could only find a way to tell them that he
no longer knew what he was doing with his life, things would be a little less
    His mother asked him almost daily what his decision was.
School? Work? Was he going to move up north with Maggie's boy?
    They were decisions he'd made a long time ago, but somehow,
he got lost along the way. University was always the plan, but then how was he
to expect help from his parents when they were just getting by. Five children
could be expensive even if they were all grown. His decision to work and save
the money came easily, then more time passed and he couldn't remember what his
plan had been in the first place.
    He caught sight of Fiona when

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