Revenge for Hire (The Get Even Agency)

Revenge for Hire (The Get Even Agency) by Janice Lynn Read Free Book Online

Book: Revenge for Hire (The Get Even Agency) by Janice Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Janice Lynn
and strong. So palpable his presence wrapped
itself around her.
    He put his finger to her mouth, hushing her. Every nerve ending
within her body crunched into one tight wad and focused right where the pad of
his finger brushed her lips. She trembled.
    What he did next shocked her as much as the realization that
she was a thrill seeker had.
    Instead of pulling her to her feet and kissing her like she
desperately wanted and thought a playboy like Jude would do, he picked the
daisy off her desk and stuck it into her hair.
    “Just for the record, I’m a very bad guy who likes being bad
and has no aspirations of ever settling down and being good.” He brushed a
stray hair away from her face. “I don’t do relationships. I don’t stay around
for long. What you see is what you get, and I only belong to a woman when I’m
with her.”
    Huh? Why didn’t he just jerk her into his arms and kiss her? Couldn’t
he see that’s what she wanted? Waited on edge for?
    “Why are you telling me this?” she asked, but she knew. He was
warning her.
    Did bad guys give warnings?
    Apparently this one did.
    He was the baddest thing she’d ever
come across.
    Made her want to be bad. Really bad.
    “I think you should know.”
    His gaze touched every pore on her face, mesmerizing and
caressing as surely as any touch ever could. His perfectly shaped lips curved
at one end, digging a dimple into his cheek. “In case you decide to be bad with
    Avery swallowed, reminded herself she was TGEA and Jude was a
    Should she tell him that she planned to be very bad?
    Only to him rather than with him.
    * * *
    Avery glanced up from Mrs. Sedwick’s computer to see a breathtakingly beautiful woman walk into the office. Wow.
    She had multi-colored red and blond hair halfway down her back
and so thick it probably gave her neck aches. Her eyes were large and brown. She
looked about twenty, if that.
    She smiled in an unsure way that made her look even younger. “Is
Jude available? I really need to talk to him.”
    “He’s busy, but I can check.” She imagined Jude always made
time in his schedule for a woman who looked like this one and had such a lovely
English accent. “Who should I tell him is here?”
    “Sara?” Avery prompted, planning to store the information away
for possible use later.
    “Sara Brown.” The girl cast a nervous glance toward Jude’s
closed office door. “I’m Miss January.”
    Ah. The Miss January Jude replaced Mandy Sims with. How many
women had Jude been with since the lovely Sara? Why did she care? And why did
the girl look so nervous?
    “Congrats,” Avery offered. “I haven’t seen the issue, not my
usual reading, but I’m sure you were great.”
    The woman nodded, sending another distracted look toward Jude’s
    Avery picked up the phone and when Jude said hello she ignored
the quickening in her chest. Just as she was determined to ignore the daisy
stuck in the plastic cup on her desk and whatever reason she’d put the flower
    “Mr. Layman, would you be able to work Sara Brown into your
busy schedule this morning?”
    “Hell, no,” came his immediate response. “Take her number, and
then throw it away.”
    “Actually, Miss Brown is in my office.”
    “Hell. Schedule her an appointment for next week or something. Anything.
Just get rid of her because I don’t have time to deal with her clinginess today.”
    A total womanizer. He’d had his fun with Miss January and now
just wanted to forget she’d ever existed. Just like he’d done with Mandy.
    The jerk.
    “Fine,” she said into the phone, then turned to the waiting
woman. “I’m sorry. Mr. Layman can’t see you today.”
    The girl’s eyes watered and her face crumbled.
    “Is there anything I can do?” She handed her one of Mrs. Sedwick’s pink tissues.
    The girl shook her head, dabbed at her eyes with the tissue. “It’s
all my fault.”
    This wasn’t any of her business. She

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