Revenge of the Siren Song (Rogues of Sea and Sky Book 1)

Revenge of the Siren Song (Rogues of Sea and Sky Book 1) by Michelle Stinson Ross Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Revenge of the Siren Song (Rogues of Sea and Sky Book 1) by Michelle Stinson Ross Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Stinson Ross
had drained nearly half the tankard by the time Phin returned with a little scrap of paper, so small it could only be folded once. All interest in the rest of his grog fled as Liam opened the note and instantly recognized the thin flowing hand.
    “Dear Captain O'Shea, our mutual friend, Captain O'Malley, has kindly accepted my invitation to join me aboard the Ocean’s Whore along with a recent companion of yours. I just hope for your sake that nothing ill befalls Grace and Pippa while they sail under my colors.”
    It was signed simply, “ES.” Lizzie. Somehow she'd uncovered the plot and had gotten to Grace.
    Daylight suddenly flooded the tavern as someone came bounding through the front door.
    “Phineas! Barkeep! Ahoy!”
    “Aye lad, what be your business?”
    “Have you seen Captain O'Shea today?”
    “Finish blinking the sunbeams out of your eyes, boy. He's sitting right here.”
    Both O'Shea and Phineas recognized the Black Dragon 's cabin boy straight away. The lad was rubbing his eyes, desperately trying to encourage them to adjust to the dim light inside. He sat down at the end of the table and pushed another piece of paper toward Liam.
    “The British Commodore has been informed of Captain Shireland's activities and intends to sail within the hour.”
    This note was signed “John Stapleton.”
    “Phin, thank you for the bit o' rum, but a situation demands my immediate attention.”
    Before Phineas could respond, Liam grabbed the cabin boy and was out the door.
    * * *
    The guard removed Grace's blindfold just as two burly sailors brought Pippa down the stairs. Grace remained stoic, not wanting to betray recognition of her own spy.
    “The Captain figures you two have plenty to talk about,” the guard growled.
    They bound the poor lass next to Grace and then departed to the deck above. Grace just sat there, brooding quietly. The Ocean’s Whore ; she realized that she was caught right in the middle of her own trap just as it was about to snap shut. Pippa began to sniffle and cry.
    “What?” Grace's whisper had a severe edge to it.
    “I'm so sorry, Captain,” Pippa hiccupped between sobs. “I had no idea that Captain Shireland was using some of your people.”
    “I see,” Grace tried to soothe. “What's done is done. There's nothing you could have done differently.”
    “But I feel as though I've utterly failed everyone. I haven't even the heart left to avenge my dear Thomas.” Whatever else she said was too bound up in her sobs to understand.
    By the time Pippa had calmed, it was too late for more questions. The guard had come thudding back down the stairs.
    “Captain wishes to see you in her quarters.”

    Chapter 8
    Revenge Is Not So Sweet
    Grace rose stiffly and waited for the burly sailor to release her bonds. Despite a full day of inactivity, Grace felt weary. The lack of a meal was contributing to her fatigue. With a sigh, she heaved herself up the stairs onto the main deck of the Ocean’s Whore .
    The Whore was a smaller ship than the Siren Song , but in the right hands every bit as dangerous. What she lacked in size and firepower, she made up for in speed and maneuverability. Captain Elizabeth Shireland's command of the ship made it as fiercely deadly as any shark in those waters.
    Grace's respite in the sweet salt air was brief. No sooner had they come topside, than the guard was leading her back inside again. The Captain's cabin was small and stuffy. Papers and objects littered every surface as if a small child had just been throwing a tantrum. Captain Shireland was pacing back and forth in a dither, paying no heed to what lay in her path.
    Grace had never met Lizzie face to face, but there was no doubt in her mind who this ferocious wild woman was. She was just as described: very petite, almost child-like in stature, a full head shorter than Grace. She wore her curly blonde hair closely cropped, and preferred a man's linen shirt and breeches to something more

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