Revenge of the Siren Song (Rogues of Sea and Sky Book 1)

Revenge of the Siren Song (Rogues of Sea and Sky Book 1) by Michelle Stinson Ross Read Free Book Online

Book: Revenge of the Siren Song (Rogues of Sea and Sky Book 1) by Michelle Stinson Ross Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Stinson Ross
    Neither of the voices were familiar to Grace, so she still didn't know who was behind her kidnapping. As she listened to the guard's pacing, she determined he was the only one watching her. She timed her movements to test her bonds when he was walking away from her, and quickly found that while she wasn’t chained or shackled, the ropes holding her were quite sufficient to continue doing so. She lay there for a moment or two longer, but she was unable to find a good reason to continue the ruse and decided to find a little physical comfort; she sat up. The guard was standing over her in a flash.
    “I see that I did not bash your brains out as feared. How fare you, Captain O'Malley?”
    “I am bound and blindfolded, held against my will, my head throbs, and I am as parched as a desert. I fare quite well under the circumstances.”
    “The captain warned me that your tongue was as dangerous as any dagger.”
    She could hear the smile in his voice. Then a sharp piercing whistle assailed her ears, and footsteps quickly rushed down the stairs.
    * * *
    Liam checked the harbor first, certain that it would be the most likely place to find her during the day. The Dragon's first mate assured him that Captain O'Malley had not been aboard at all since their arrival. None of the dock workers had seen anyone answering to Grace's description. The old harbor master was a favorite of the fair captain's, and he had not seen her in over a fortnight.
    Next Liam stopped in to see Mademoiselle Lisette. Surely Grace would not be gallivanting around Port Royal in naught but a night dress.
    “Captain O'Shea, what brings you around to my shop at this hour of the morning?” Lisette purred.
    “I was wondering if Captain O'Malley had been round to see you today,” he said quietly.
    “No, I have not seen her, nor do I expect to,” she said, her smile wavering just a touch. “Did she mention any intent to come in today?”
    “No, she said nothing of the sort to me. I merely wanted to catch up with her earlier than planned and thought she might drop by here,” Lam tried to cover his growing concern.
    “Is there any message you would like me to relay should I see her?”
    “No message. I'm sure I'll see her before you, anyway.”
    Liam was running out of ideas. Why would Grace leave so suddenly? The circumstances felt all wrong to Liam. The more he inquired after her, the more alarmed he became. He even sent a messenger boy to Stapleton to see if she had been seen in the governor's office. All he received was a tersely worded note regarding how busy a man of Stapleton's station was, and that there was no time to go chasing every errant wench in town.
    Without the slightest inkling of where else Grace might be likely to go, Liam wandered the town until his feet bore him to the door of the Black Swan Inn. The tavern keeper was a trusted friend and always ready with a tankard of grog and a bit of sage advice. He had already checked everywhere else, might as well check here, he thought as he pushed his way into the darkened interior.
    “Why if it isn't the wily Captain O'Shea,” a jolly voice called from behind the counter. “I was wondering when ye might be darkening my door.”
    “And why would you be expecting me at all, Phineas, you old salt?”
    “When has the Black Dragon ever been in port that ye didn't stop by?”
    “But I have more reason than that, lad. Sit down and have a drink,” Phineas offered.
    Liam eyed the barkeep suspiciously. “What are you up to, you old sea dog?”
    Phineas filled a tankard for Liam and motioned to a nearby table.
    “I thought you might be coming round because this young whelp of a sailor showed up with a note for you early this morning. I figured it was one of your own crew, lad,” Phineas explained.
    “I just left my own ship, Phin, and no one said anything of leaving a note for me. Let's see it.”
    Phineas waddled back to his bar to retrieve the mysterious missive. Liam

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