Rock Star's Ballad (White Mist Series Book 3)

Rock Star's Ballad (White Mist Series Book 3) by A. P. Jensen Read Free Book Online

Book: Rock Star's Ballad (White Mist Series Book 3) by A. P. Jensen Read Free Book Online
Authors: A. P. Jensen
    Demi followed the sound of Regan’s voice to the kitchen where she peered into the fridge with a grimace. She had Chase on her hip who chattered about Uncle Johnny and Daddy.  
    “We’ll see them later today, kiddo,” Regan said and gave Demi a critical once over before she nodded. “Right. We’re off. I’m hungry and Kerry only has healthy crap. Let’s go.”
    They walked out to the SUV and once they were on their way, Demi glanced at Regan.  
    “How do you know Johnny?” Demi asked.  
    “It was on my bucket list to sing on stage with him,” Regan said.  
    “Oh, you’re a singer?”
    Demi tried to figure out if Regan was joking or not. “So you can’t sing, but you wanted to sing on stage with him?”
    “Yeah. I jumped on stage, Johnny didn’t shove me off. We dated for two weeks until I caught him with another woman.”
    Demi felt her stomach clench and said nothing.
    “So, I put itch powder in his jeans during a show.” Regan shot her a snide grin. “You know he likes to go commando. Best damn show he ever did.”
    That icy feeling in the pit of Demi’s stomach vanished as mental images of Johnny dancing around on stage filled her mind. Demi roared with laughter until tears leaked from her eyes. Regan pulled up in front of a cute diner and Demi got out of the car, still chuckling as they were seated. Demi wasn’t sure who Regan was or what she wanted, but Demi decided they were going to be friends. Several people called out to Regan who waved. They put Chase in a booster seat and sat across from one another, still grinning like fools.  
    Demi high fived Regan. “Now that is payback.”
    Regan tossed her hair. “You know it.”
    Demi examined Regan more closely. “He did that to you, but you two are still friends. How?”
    “Johnny is Johnny,” Regan said with a shrug. “I wasn’t in love with him, he wasn’t in love with me. We were good in bed, but in the end we were better off as friends. I toured with him for two months and realized there was a good heart behind the playboy. We’ve been friends ever since.”
    I wasn’t in love with him, he wasn’t in love with me. Regan’s easy words echoed through her mind as she ordered coffee and waffles. Regan ordered a burger and fries and a child’s breakfast for Chase who was taken by a group of women that looked like the Golden Girls.  
    “Now, how do you know Johnny?” Regan asked.  
    Demi sighed. She should have seen that one coming. “We know each other from high school.”
    Regan’s brows shot up. “Wow. You and Johnny go way back. Johnny’s never mentioned high school. I didn’t even know he was from New York until he said so last night at the show.”
    Demi stirred sugar and cream into her coffee. Regan was prying, but she wasn’t doing it in a rude way. She’d gone out of her way to get Demi clothes and she was friendly, open and curious. Demi wondered if Regan was trying to protect Johnny since they were obviously good friends.  
    “We both attended Sacred Hearts in New York.” Demi glanced out of the window at the locals who passed with smiles and shouted across the street to one another in greeting. Was this place real? “Johnny was a year older than me. We had music class together. That’s how we met.”
    Regan’s brows shot up. “Sacred Hearts, huh? So, you come from money. Do you play or sing?”  
    “No, I was the coordinator for all of their shows. I made sure they had music sheets, instruments and that everything flowed smoothly.” When Regan stared at her, dumbfounded, Demi shrugged. “Not what you were expecting?”
    “Hell no.”
    There was no bullshitting with Regan and Demi appreciated that. “I love music, but I can’t even whistle. It’s embarrassing.”
    “So, you and Johnny know each other from a high school music class,” Regan clarified.  
    Regan’s eyes swept Demi’s face. “You don’t look like a geeky coordinator. I thought you were going to say you

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