Scarlet by Aria Cole Read Free Book Online

Book: Scarlet by Aria Cole Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aria Cole
air. I grinned, my thumb darting across the peaked flesh as my mouth began to water and my dick began a slow throb. I’d need to have her this morning, and every morning. I loved my scent on her skin, warning every other asshole off, but even more than that I wanted to empty myself inside her. Claim her as mine, put my baby deep inside her sweet body and keep her in my home and in my bed forever.  
    I’d raise ten babies with her and be the happiest man on earth. Her nurturing warmth and stubborn spark reminded me of my own sweet mother, and I knew instantly that Scarlet had burrowed her way into my heart much more than I’d even realized.
    I pushed a hand through my hair, determined to let her sleep a while longer and thinking I could make her something for breakfast before I left for work this morning, so I stumbled into the kitchen naked. I hadn’t been this happy in too long, probably forever.  
    I poured a glass of orange juice before gazing out the window. My eyes landed on the rows of cherry trees in the distance, the immaculately landscaped gardens of the main house, and the small groves of evergreens sheltering the stately manor.  
    It was a beautiful home, that’s for sure, but I was perfectly happy right where I was. I’d renovated this cabin with my own two hands. I had a thriving business and the ability to do just about anything my heart desired, but the one thing I wanted more than anything may prove to be the hardest to attain.  
    I wasn’t a foolish man. I understood the world was tough, and a man like me didn’t marry a girl like her. Seeing that house, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came from a world of private schools and parties. I was a simple man, and working with my hands under the hot rays of the sun was one of my greatest joys. It was a life I preferred, but not one that many understood.  
    “Morning,” a voice sweeter than any angel I could fathom carried across my kitchen. I turned to find her wrapped in one of my plaid shirts, not a thing else.  
    “Scarlet.” My cock flexed and throbbed as I closed the distance between us. “Fuck, you’re beautiful in my shirt.” I cupped her neck and slid my tongue between her lips, enjoying the taste of her on my tongue. “Thank you for spending the night with me.” I placed a slow, languid kiss on her mouth.  
    “Thank you for giving me such a wonderful night.” Her grin crooked to one side and caused my dick to twitch.  
    I weaved my palms beneath the shirt she wore and made contact with her hot flesh. “We’d better get moving before I lose myself inside you again.”
    “Mm, sounds like the perfect start to the day,” her pouty lips murmured against mine.  
    “Tempting.” I kissed her lips again. “Very tempting. You’re welcome to stay here. I’d love nothing more than to come home to you, barefoot on the front porch, greeting me wearing nothing but a smile, but I think I heard something about reading to Gran this mornin’, and I don’t want you to miss that.”  
    I cupped her ass in my palms and pulled her lower half against me, my morning erection pressed against her body and begging to sink inside her. My instinct was to have a chat with Ms. Fair and tell her Scarlet was mine and that she would be staying with me at my place for the rest of the summer, no two ways about it, but I recognized the situation was delicate. I couldn’t exactly beat my chest and haul her over my shoulder and steal her away, no matter how much I secretly wanted to.  
    “Think she’ll be okay that you stayed out all night?”
    “Oh, I dunno.” She furrowed her brow. “She’s usually not awake and around till later, so she may not even notice, but I’m eighteen, so it shouldn’t be an issue anyway, right?”  
    “I hope not.” I kneaded at her shoulders. “Now let’s get in the shower. I want to get my soapy hands all over you.”  
    Scarlet laughed before turning, a soft breeze catching the hem of my shirt and

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