Scarlet Dawn

Scarlet Dawn by Megan J. Parker Read Free Book Online

Book: Scarlet Dawn by Megan J. Parker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Megan J. Parker
slip out of his shorts. Stretching the waistband to its limit, he worked his semi-hard member into view.
    Reaching out, she gripped his hardening length in her fist—her hand unable to reach all the way around its width—and marveled at how much remained on either side of her hand. “Oh my… it’s so beautiful,” she purred.
    “Beautiful is not usually the term men like to hear about their—AH!” he growled in pleasure from the contact, instinctively thrusting against her touch and looking down at her, his fierce gaze watching her every move.
    Feeling an erotic rush at the sense of the power she held over such a massive organ, Zoey shifted so that she could wrap both her fists around him—still grasping less than half of what he had to offer!—and began to pump her hands back and forth. She squeezed his member tight and he growled out louder. Moaning at the reaction she was earning, she grinned up at him, “But it is beautiful,” she smirked. “I think you just need to reacquaint yourself with true beauty to understand what I mean.” Pulling her hands away, she offered the tip of her prize a prolonged kiss before she lay back and spread herself.
    “Mm… Now that’s beautiful,” Isaac smirked as he moved forward and pressed himself to her entrance.
    Zoey groaned and nodded, thrusting her body forward and taking the crown inside of her. As the two began to meet the other’s thrust, each of their moans carried the others and the two fell into a blissful union.

    Zoey couldn’t sleep…
    Though sex with Isaac always knocked him out—any vitality within the therion was always spent after they’d reached their respective climaxes—it seemed the total opposite for her. Serena, one of the few people who Zoey felt comfortable discussing her sex-life with, had explained that she wasn’t alone in this phenomenon. However, whether this had something to do with their being auric vampires and they were possibly draining some vitality in the coital process or if it was just one of those men-slash-women things had yet to be explored to any great extent.
    “Who knows,” Serena had shrugged off the question at one time, “maybe all women are a little bit vampire, huh? We’re just that kickass!”
    Despite all her efforts to convince people to hate her, she was the nicest, strongest person Zoey knew. And though Serena’s typical outward abrasiveness had only grown thicker and thornier since Zane had been taken, everyone that cared about her could see past it to the strong and loving friend who’d struggled against all odds to make things right for all of them.
    She’d lost her mother and, in her pain and confusion, blamed her father and ran away from her home.
    She’d found promise in the arms of a human fiancé, Devon, who had been cast into the literal flames of jealousy by Kristine.
    More loss.
    More heartbreak.
    She’d fought to maintain her strength and independence while bound to Devon’s disembodied aura; an aura that, despite his sincerest efforts, warped and faded until a jaded and jealous shadow remained.
    And then she’d met Zane, a vampire who’d seen more pain and loss than any should ever have to suffer in a thousand lifetimes; a vampire who had the terrible burden of delivering to an already shattered girl the news that her father—his beloved mentor—had passed.
    More loss.
    More heartbreak.
    And in that moment—a moment where two broken and pained minds had come to cross paths—a bizarre and beautiful thing had happened: an accident that changed everything . Devon’s body-starved aura had seen a chance in Zane’s arrival; a chance to once again lie with Serena as lovers should. But, though the possession of Zane’s body had blocked the night of passion they shared from the body’s rightful owner, there was another mind present to watch their moment of passion.
    An owner that was never meant to know love or pleasure or happiness.
    Maledictus .

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