Seducing Sarah

Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison Read Free Book Online

Book: Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jinx Jamison
Tags: Romance, Adult, Erotic Fiction
sex. It was overwhelming, too much to process. Dom was hitting his stride, powering into Veronica with forceful strokes that made Sarah's pussy clench. Damn, to be on the receiving end of such power. She'd never felt so achy.
So empty.
Veronica met her eyes and Sarah licked the tip of Master Q's cock. The other woman squeezed her eyes shut and screamed. "I'm coming, Master. I can't help it. I can't take it."
She dropped her head to the table helplessly as she came under the force of Dom's relentless thrusts. Dom grunted and stopped moving, the powerful muscles in his back flexing. Then in a quick motion, he pulled out and pulled his condom off. He fisted his cock with brutal strokes until he came on the globes of her ass, covering her with the mark of his possession.
Sarah looked at Master Q. "Please." She stopped, unsure what she was asking for.
"You want me to come in your mouth, don't you?" He whispered it. Sarah nodded and licked her lips.
He cursed viciously and prodded her lips with his cock. She gripped him tightly at the base and held him still as she licked up and down the whole length.
“I'm going to come so hard and I want you to take it all. Every drop.” He watched her through slitted eyes as she opened her mouth wider, his cock going deeper than before. She could almost come just from listening to the dirty things he said. Every word was like fuel for her raging arousal. When he hit the back of her throat again, she swallowed on reflex, surprised when he let out a low groan. She did it again, swallowing with every thrust, feeling how her throat moved and tightened on his dick.
“Sarah…” He thrust a little deeper before he came, groaning through clenched teeth.
His head was thrown back, his neck bulging as he strained with every pulse of his orgasm. Pleasure tightened his features until finally his jaw unclenched and his eyes opened. His gaze was so intense it was like being under high beams. What a high to hold him in her mouth, to know she was his undoing. For the first time she felt powerful. Feminine.
If she could have, she'd have done it all over again right then.
Sarah held him in her mouth for a few more moments, gently sucking on his softening shaft. When he finally pulled himself from her lips, she turned her head and saw Dom watching her.
"I hope Master Q signs you up for a few of my classes, Ms. Caldwell." His hands flexed into fists at his sides. "You'd be a breath of fresh air for me. I haven't had a novice in my class in quite some time."


"WHY DON'T I SHOW you the dormitory first?" He took off down the hall, not even bothering to wait for her. He could hear the tap, tap, tap of her sensible low-heeled shoes on the wood floor as she hurried to keep up. It was rude but he couldn't bring himself to slow down.
The alternative was pushing her up against the wall and fucking her right in the hallway.
"You read all the orientation paperwork, right?" He pushed open a door at the end of the hallway with his fist. He held it open and allowed her to walk into the room first. She didn't look at him as she passed. Which was just as well because he didn't need to see the blatant arousal in her eyes. The way she'd looked at him down in the dungeon, with naked lust on her innocent face had almost killed him.
"What? Sorry, I think I need a minute." She ran her hands through her curly hair. "That was really intense."
Talk about the understatement of the year.
When he'd seen the way Dom looked at her, he'd been so close to ripping his mask off and throwing her over his shoulder. He'd never been the jealous type before but then again, he'd never wanted anyone quite the way he wanted Sarah. He'd had to get them out of there before he went Cro-Magnon on someone he considered a friend.
"Oh, you asked about the paperwork. Yeah, I read it." She looked at him and then looked away. "Okay, I read some of it. I was a little too keyed up to concentrate this week. Can you blame me?"
She turned in a circle,

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