Serena's Choice - Coastal Romance Series

Serena's Choice - Coastal Romance Series by Jennifer Ransom Read Free Book Online

Book: Serena's Choice - Coastal Romance Series by Jennifer Ransom Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Ransom
someone else’s dream and not her own.
    Jeff listened attentively. He
asked her questions about Luna Bay, Tony, her mother, culinary
school. He seemed to really want to know the answers. Their “dates”
had never included personal conversation. Serena didn’t know what
to make of it.
    At her apartment door, Serena
invited Jeff in for a glass of wine.
    “ I’m afraid I’ve packed all
the glasses, so it’ll just be plastic cups,” she said.
    They sat on Serena’s
living-room-in-a-box couch and sipped the wine from the plastic cups.
It was the first time they had ever sat on her couch; they always
made a beeline for the bed. Serena felt awkward again, not knowing
how to deal with this new Jeff.
    Jeff took her hand. “How are
you doing?” he asked.
    “ I’m okay,” she said taking
a drink of wine. “Doing okay.”
    He pulled her to him and started
to kiss her.
    “ Is this okay?” he asked.
He’d never asked before if it was all right to kiss her. They’d
kissed many times. She’d kissed him back and then they’d had sex.
Why was he asking if it was okay now?
    She nodded, suddenly feeling
vulnerable. “It’s okay,” she said.
    He kissed her again and it was
gentle and not urgent and hurried like his late-night kisses had been
on their dates before. He wrapped her in his arms and she accepted
his embrace as they kissed. After a few minutes, Serena led Jeff to
her bed, made up for the last time, and they made love. For the first
time, they made love. It was slow and tender, with deep kisses and
loving strokes. Jeff didn’t jump up and leave when it was over,
like he always had before. He stayed. He held Serena close all night
as they slept.
    When she woke up, Jeff was in the
living room with two Styrofoam containers of breakfast from a nearby
diner. Two large cups of coffee sat on the coffee table.
    “ You were still sleeping, so I
decided to get you breakfast,” Jeff said, motioning to her to sit
    Who was this person?
    “ Thank you,” she said,
sitting on the couch and opening the container. They ate the eggs,
bacon, and biscuit without saying much. When they were finished, Jeff
said, “Can I help you do anything here?”
    “ I think I’ve got it under
control,” she said. “Goodwill should have already been here. When
they’re gone, I’ll vacuum the floors and leave.”
    The doorbell rang while Serena
was talking and it was Goodwill. Serena showed them the furniture and
boxes to take. While the two men moved the stuff out to the truck,
Jeff moved Serena’s boxes to her car. It didn’t take long for
Goodwill to finish. Serena vacuumed the floors and put the vacuum
cleaner in her car. She was finished. It was time to get on the road
to Luna Bay.
    Jeff stood by Serena’s car with
    “ Do you think I could come
visit you sometime?” he asked.
    “ I’d like that,” Serena
said. She was a little amazed to think that she really would like
    She kissed Jeff goodbye and got
in her car, ready for the highway. Ready for Luna Bay.


    During her first week back
permanently in Luna Bay and Rossetti’s, Serena studied the diner.
She looked at the menu, she looked at the staff. She didn’t want to
jump in and start changing things without thinking about it. But she
knew one thing for sure. Rossetti’s would start making its own
bread again.
    The sheriff’s daughter,
Brittany, started working before Serena had returned to Luna Bay.
Nonna had her making salads. That was pretty easy. Hard to go wrong
there. Brittany had a tattoo on her forearm and wore several studs
and earrings in her ears. She had a blue streak through her dark
hair. She looked like a lot of young people Serena had seen. But she
was determined not to judge Brittany and discount her. Every person
was an individual with individual values, no matter their age or
cultural orientation.
    Serena was going to put Brittany
to the test. She asked the girl to help her get the bread oven clean
and operational. She

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