Shaping Fate

Shaping Fate by Kayla Payeur Read Free Book Online

Book: Shaping Fate by Kayla Payeur Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kayla Payeur
voice was a hissing snarl as piercing black eyes trained themselves on the Underworld King.
    Slowly, Hades stood . He didn’t know who or what the creature was, but the body below her was Thanatos. He was angry with the man, and yes, he’d bloodied him up a little. Though he’d known that Thane controlled his powers, Hades hadn’t realized that the lad had held back all of his power so that every blow Hades had dealt him would have been felt as if the man were human and not a God. If Thane hadn’t been a divine being, he’d be dead right now; Hades had beaten him that badly.
    “ I don’t know you, Fair Lady, but if you would allow, I’ll have healers see to Thanatos.”  Hades said, trying to placate the demon as he stepped in front of his wife protectively.
    “ What have you done? How could you have found her and unlocked her powers without me knowing, you BASTARD!”  A new voice echoed throughout the chamber. Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest and mother to Persephone appeared next to the Queen’s throne. The goddess was golden from her head to her feet and dressed in greens and golden ambers. She looked contemptuously at the vision of pure wrath standing guard over Thanatos.
    “ I knew that she’d become a disgusting monster if she was exposed to you,” she glared at Hades evilly, “and your ilk.”
    “ What are you talking about, hag?”  Hades ground out.
    “ Your daughter, you cursed fool! I knew you couldn’t take care of her, that she’d become a living nightmare, and here we see it come to pass!” Demeter’s voice went from cold hate to warm, chiding love in a heartbeat as she turned to her daughter. “Darling, I told you to let me take up our cause with Zeus, you know he loves you and would love to take you away from this foul creature you call a husband.” 
    “ Mother, are you telling me that the demonic woman standing over Thanatos right now is my little Makaria?”  Persephone’s voice was hard and cold as she looked at her mother dispassionately.
    “ I know, dear. Disgusting, isn’t she? Don’t worry, we’ll get Zeus to destroy her and give you your freedom. I know this wonderfully sexy Forest God that would be perfect for you, love.”  Demeter didn’t see her daughter’s eyes narrow, or her nails grow long into black, lethally sharp talons.
    “ You mean you were the one who kidnapped my daughter? Then you came into my home and lambasted my husband about how he wasn’t a fit father or husband?”  The Queen’s voice was beginning to resemble the terrifying creature’s.
    “ Well, yes, dear. I knew you wouldn’t see this bastard’s faults unless I did something dramatic, it just happened to be traumatic as well.”  Demeter said offhandedly.
    She didn’t see it coming, no one did . Demeter was suddenly screaming in pain as she was pinned to the granite floor by her daughter’s talons in her shoulder.
    “ You sun worshipping, daisy picking, rose smelling BITCH!”  Persephone’s rage almost rivaled that of Ria’s, who still guarded Thane and watched the proceedings cautiously, her wrath and hate never diminishing. “You come into my home and pretend to comfort me over the loss of my child when all the while you were the one who stole her from me! Don’t you ever come into Hades again; you are not welcome within the Underworld. The only thing keeping you alive is the fact that you’re my mother.” The Queen of Hades snarled, fangs having appeared in her mouth to slightly garble her speech.
    Demeter, knowing that she had lost this battle, vanished.
    Hades appeared calm as he pulled his beloved wife into a hug. Inside, he was quaking. This beautifully dreadful, terrifyingly wrathful woman was his long-lost daughter. He felt pride, wonder, and love fill him at how beautiful she had become with age. He knew that he had to somehow fix the mistake he had made in hurting Thane, for apparently, he was who she had chosen for a mate.
    “ Look at her, Hades, she’s

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