Sheet Music - A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story

Sheet Music - A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story by Ann Lister Read Free Book Online

Book: Sheet Music - A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story by Ann Lister Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ann Lister
found hers again, his tongue delving even deeper until Annie thought she would explode from the pleasure.  “I don’t consider what we’re doing exactly businesslike, do you?” he sighed against her trembling lips.
    “It not a big deal.  Really.  We can forget this ever happened,” she lied again.
    Michael laughed.  “Then you must be made of stone because I know I won’t forget this happened.”
    Annie’s head fell to his chest.  She could feel the loud thump of his beating heart and smiled.  It was a wonderful sensation to know his heart was racing for her.
    “Believe it or not, I had to sign a contract stating I wouldn’t have any personal contact with any members of the sponsored bands.  I could get myself, and you, in a lot of trouble just by being here right now.”
    He rubbed slow, deliberate circles on her back with his strong hands.  “If the press got a hold of a story like this, they’d say you slept with me in order to win the contest.”
    Annie sighed.  She wondered if this was his way of politely dismissing her.  For all she knew, he had a girlfriend stashed away at his house.
    He pulled her tighter against his body.  “You’re not saying much.  What are you thinking?” he asked.
    “Of course.”
    “I’m still having trouble believing you’re even here right now.  So, the fact that we’re having this particular conversation is a bit surreal to me.”
    He pressed his mouth against her ear.  “I’d like nothing better than to take you inside and finish what we started,” he whispered.
    Annie stepped back and studied his face with indecision.  “What makes you think I was going to invite you inside?  Or perhaps you were planning on grabbing me by the hair and dragging me inside like a caveman?”
    He smiled sheepishly and dropped his head, slowly shaking it.  “Wow, well, I’ve been called a lot worse but I’m not a caveman.  I’m sorry.  I guess I was assuming something I shouldn’t have been.”
    His eyes lifted to hers.  He seemed genuinely remorseful.  She tipped her chin in a sign of  defiance.  “I’m probably not like the other women you’re used to dealing with, Michael.  So I accept your apology.”
    “You're nothing like the other women I've known which is why I find you so... intriguing.”
    Annie placed her fingers over her mouth.  “Intriguing.  That’s a good word.  I like it.”  She gazed at him silent for a moment.  A slow smile ebbed across her face.  “You intrigue me, too.”
    His lips curled seductively.  “I'm glad to hear that,” He stepped away and tried to adjust his pants.  “Maybe after the contest is over we can revisit this – that is, if you're still intrigued .”
    Lightly, she reached out and touched his chest.  “I’ll take your offer under consideration and get back to you.”
    “You’re such a smart ass,” he laughed.  “Well, I better get going while I can still walk comfortably.”  He bent in and kissed her softly on the cheek.  “That would be a guy thing,” he winked.
    He stepped back from her and pushed his hands into the front pockets of his pants, trying to adjust himself again and make his pants more comfortable.  He noticed her watching and laughed.  “It’s a curse, what can I say,” he teased.
    “Are you still coming to our gig tomorrow night?” she asked.
    “I’m planning on it.  Sir Morgan’s Cove, right?” he asked, while walking backwards down the driveway.
    “Yes.  I’ll see you then.”
    Michael quickly turned away from Annie and headed toward his car.  Annie watched until she could barely make out his image on the sidewalk in the darkness.  Then she wandered back to the solitude of the back yard.  The night air made her shiver and it was then that she realized he had forgotten to take his coat.  For a fleeting moment she thought of running into town to give it to him.  But what would the point be?  She’d wait and give it to him tomorrow

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