Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love
smiled down at her, his eyes
roaming across her body. Babygirl shivered as if it were his hands
on her body instead of his gaze.
Dressed in a beautiful black suit complete with a purple silk
tie, Babygirl melted a little as she looked up at him.
    "Come in, Babygirl. I was starting
to wonder if you'd ever get out of the car." Babygirl blushed and
realized he had watched her the entire time. Sir laughed long and
loud, his mouth wide open. “Never worry about accidentally giving
the neighbors more than they bargain for. The nosy one's deserve
what they get.”
    As she walked inside, Sir's eyes continued to
appraise her, knowing what was underneath her jacket. “Your jacket,
please.” Babygirl gulped audibly and allowed Sir to help her remove
her trench coat.
    "Mmmmm, you look good enough to
eat, Babygirl." His eyes roved up and down her body, taking in
every inch of her.
    *** **
    Sir had watched from his living room window as
Babygirl struggled with her fears in her car. He couldn't help but
smile as her emotions played across her face, as clear to him as
her brown eyes. She didn't appreciate the audience in the form of
neighbors, and while he hadn't planned their appearance, he liked
that it added to her feeling of exposure. He felt nothing but pride
when she'd screwed together her courage and exited the car.
    His mouth watered as she walked to the door. As he
opened the door, he quickly adjusted his pants which had become
increasingly uncomfortable as he imagined exactly what would soon
happen. He smiled indulgently as she giggled and blushed as he
helped her remove her coat. He knew Babygirl felt exposed. He
enjoyed keeping her on edge and guessing what might be coming
    Leading her into the dining room, he could sense her
confusion. Candles were lit on the buffet behind the table, the
only lights in the room. No silverware or plates graced the table.
Babygirl looked at Sir, a million questions in her eyes, but she
didn't say anything. His pride in her grew. He knew she was
trusting him to guide her.
    Sir looked down at her, his eyes
gleaming. "Babygirl, when I said I wanted
to have you for dinner, it wasn't an invitation for you to dine
with me. You will
be my dinner tonight."
    She gasped and looked down, fidgeting and squirming.
Her scent filled the room, giving away her pleasure at his words.
Sir took her hand, silently leading her to the table. Without a
word, he motioned for her to climb onto the table. Babygirl moved
hesitantly. Her hand trembled in his. He squeezed her fingers
    "Get your ass down to the edge of
the table. I will eat in a civilized manner tonight." Babygirl's
eyes widened at the firm tone in Sir's voice, a departure from the
gentle voice moments before.
    She lay back on the table, scooting down until her
bottom touched the edge of the table, and her legs hung off the
side. Sir stood by her head, watching the emotions play across her
face. He knew she was excited and unsure. He also knew he needed
her to focus on the pleasure she was about to receive. Without a
word, he placed a satin blindfold over her eyes. Babygirl jumped at
the unexpected darkness.
    “ You ok,
girl?” Sir's gentle voice calmed her immediately.
    “ ...I'm
ok, Sir. It's soft on my face.” He smiled as Babygirl's voice
cracked with what he hoped was anticipation.
    Sir gently took one hand and then the other, lifting
them over her head, caressing the sensitive skin of her wrists. He
loved the softness of her skin. Twisting soft rope around her
wrists, he secured her arms to the table. She tested the rope,
pulling against the bonds. He knew she was testing the limits of
her bondage.
    “ Not too
tight?” He was ready to loosen or remove them at the first hint of
tingling or numbness. As he spoke, he watched her hands to make
sure they didn't darken with pooling blood.
    “ No, Sir,
I'm good.” Her voice softened, losing the nervousness from earlier.
She was beginning to fall into a submissive place within

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