Siren's Song: The Gray Court, Book 5

Siren's Song: The Gray Court, Book 5 by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online

Book: Siren's Song: The Gray Court, Book 5 by Dana Marie Bell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dana Marie Bell
Tags: fae;faery
throbbed with disappointment, but he couldn’t comfort her the way she deserved. For a moment, rage at Titannia filled him. She’d killed something inside of him, something he should have been able to give to Cassie, and he didn’t know if he’d ever get it back.

Chapter Four
    “It shouldn’t be much longer until we get to the farm.” Cassie kept her eyes on the road. She wasn’t sure the Black Court goons weren’t still following them, but she wasn’t taking any chances. It was eight, maybe ten hours from where she’d picked up Oberon to the Dunne farm, but they’d both needed a night’s rest before completing the journey.
    She didn’t begrudge the time spent in the motel. She had a slightly better handle on what had happened to the High King and what she’d have to do to cure him.
    If only she could get him in the ocean. The water would amplify her powers, make her task that much simpler. But she didn’t dare approach either coast too closely. Her father’s soldiers were already searching for her, and she doubted that Pacifica’s people would be taking her defection lying down.
    Until she and the High King had bonded all the way, she was still in danger of being forced into the arranged marriage. She needed to avoid the soldiers of both courts until then.
    Gods, it was such a mess.
    “Where are we headed again?”
    She blinked. “I didn’t tell you?”
    “I don’t remember.” Oberon’s tone was cool, distant. He’d put a wall up between them ever since she’d tried to heal him, and Cassie wanted to weep.
    There was nothing she could do about that until he dealt with the memories. She’d have to make sure he learned he could trust her implicitly, a task she understood would be damn near impossible. “The Dunne farm.”
    “That doesn’t sound familiar.”
    “I don’t think you’ve ever been there, but the Dunnes and the Malmayne-Blackthorns are considered family by Robin. We’ll be safe there, for a little while.”
    “So Robin knows I’m on my way there?” A faint hint of warmth entered his voice, his expression easing. He really did trust Robin, even if he didn’t quite remember him.
    “No. The person who asked me to bring you to the farm specifically told me to keep you away from Robin, at least for a little bit.” She winced at the scowl that was now directed her way. “Look, this person truly wants what’s best, not only for you, but for Robin. He’s helped more people in your court than the official Seer ever has. He sacrificed quite a bit to make sure that the dark future he saw wouldn’t come to pass. He took quite a lot of damage ensuring that certain things would happen that would prevent you from falling into the Black Court’s hands.”
    “Including sending you after me.” His tone was thoughtful. Perhaps he was beginning to understand. “But why hide me from Robin?”
    “A vision, I think. We’ll find out more when we get to the farm and can talk to Shane.”
    “The Child of Dunne will one day perform an act that will change our world.”
    That was odd. Most of his recent memories were still buried under the off harmonics, so why had he remembered that? “Shane is the Child of Dunne. His prophecies led Robin to finding his mate.”
    Oberon nodded.
    “Shane will be able to explain a lot of this.” She made the turn-off into the Dunne farm, sighing in relief. Finally, they were safe. “We’re here.”
    Oberon squinted at the house in the distance. A gingerbread Victorian, the stately farmhouse was painted with bright white trim and pale blue siding. The wrap-around porch was homey, inviting visitors and residents alike to sit and enjoy the view. “It seems there are more people than just your seer here.”
    “Looks like the whole family has gathered.” Moira, Duncan and Jaden Blackthorn’s Bentley was parked right next to Leo Dunne’s SUV. Shane and his mate, the half-dragon Akane, still lived on the farm, but the others had homes of their own in the

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