Skin Deep

Skin Deep by J.M. Stone Read Free Book Online

Book: Skin Deep by J.M. Stone Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.M. Stone
Tags: Humor, Erótica, Romance, Adult
    I opened my eyes, gazing at him through a
haze of desire.
    “Sugar, watching you wrap your lips around
your fork, licking chocolate off your lips, and hearing you moan
all night…I’m about two seconds from ripping your clothes off and
fucking you senseless on your couch. Baby, you have to tell me to
stop now if you don’t want this. Otherwise, I’m gonna slide inside
your hot, wet body, inch by inch, until I’m buried so deep between
your thighs…” his words cut off on a harsh breath.
    Stop? Tell him to stop? Is he insane? I mean,
don’t get me wrong. I’m not that kind of girl; I hardly kiss on the
first date, let alone jump into bed like my thighs were spring
loaded and ready to part. But there was something seriously wrong
with his brain if he thought for one second that I would ruin what
was shaping up to be the single most satisfying, screaming orgasm
inducing, hottest sexual encounter of my life.
    My cha-chi was quivering with excitement,
screaming, ‘Hallelujah, the desert days are over, girl! Bring on
the rain!’
    My voice was breathy when I said, “No, Luke.
I don’t want you to stop. Please…”
    Luke growled low in his throat before
grasping my legs behind my knees, pulling me down and my legs out,
kneeling between my now outspread thighs. I moaned at the feel of
his hardness pressed against my aching softness, and then he was
over me, thrusting against me, sliding his hands under my shirt and
devouring my mouth in a furious kiss.
    And then it happened. No, no…I don’t mean It . If that would have happened, I wouldn’t be sitting here
hornier than a horny toad, glaring at the object of my fury. Well,
objects, plural. And boy was I pissed!
    Just when we were getting to the good part,
my legs wrapped around Luke’s waist, his hips flush against mine,
his hands tugging my shirt up, a noise broke through my daze and I
raised my eyes over Luke’s shoulder. Standing there, faces red with
suppressed laughter and shock, was my brother, Calland, and my
younger sister, Leah. Calland had his hand slapped over Leah’s
mouth but I could still hear her muffled snorts of glee.
    I scrambled out from under Luke, tugging my
clothes back into place and throwing a mumbled ‘sorry’ over my
shoulder when I inadvertently elbowed him in the stomach in my mad
dash to get away. He got up painfully and perched on the edge of
the couch, trying to hide his condition from my family but it
wasn’t working.
    I glared at Calland. “What the hell are you
doing? Don’t you know how to call first?”
    He chuckled, finally removing his hand from
Leah’s mouth. She immediately let loose with a loud hoot of
laughter, throwing her head back and gripping her stomach, leaning
so far back that she lost her balance and fell on her ass.
Wonderful. She’s drunk.
    Calland looked behind me and grinned before
saying, “Hi! I’m Calland, Emma’s brother. Apparently she has
forgotten her manners or she would have introduced us by now. But I
guess she was pretty preoccupied…” his words trailed off in
    “Again,” I said between clenched teeth, “What
are you doing here and why didn’t you just call?”
    “I did call. Four times. You didn’t answer,
but now I can see why.” He grinned unabashedly at me. “Leah called
from the bar, said her date was a douche and she needed a ride.
Cant take her home like this, so…tag! You’re it!” With that, he
gave Luke a two fingered salute, nudged Leah off of his foot where
she had landed, and took off towards the front door.
    “Calland!” I yelled. “Get your ass back here,
you stupid son of a motherless goat!” I let out a scream of
frustration before remembering that Luke was still sitting there,
taking everything in.
    I blew out a breath, knowing that my night of
debauchery was now out of the question. Leaving Leah where she lay
on the carpet, I moved to stand in front of Luke, who had now risen
from the couch.
    “Luke, I’m sorry,” I said quietly,

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