Snow White

Snow White by Jenni James Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Snow White by Jenni James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenni James
Tags: Young Adult, Fairy Tale, clean fiction
pretty face. And Snow?”
    “I love you.” He patted her back. “Trust Corlan with your life. He will see that nothing harms you.”

    THE HOUSE BECAME QUITE melancholy after King Herbert left. Snow found herself worried ill most days for his safety and prayed for his quick return. A week after he had gone, Snow and the others were in the game room attempting their hand at whist. She was particularly anxious today because of the rain—it did not allow her a chance to wander outdoors and forget her troubles.
    They had all been keeping a careful eye on Melantha. Snow had seen her scowl in her direction more than once that day. And just after tea, she had grabbed Snow’s arm and cornered her in the small alcove near the library. “Where are you going? I did not give you permission to walk these halls.”
    “Forgive me,” Snow had said, shocked at the crazed look in her stepmother’s eye. “I did not know.”
    “You think I do not see all that you are doing,” she snarled as she loomed closer to Snow. “You think I do not see what you are attempting to do to us all, but know that I am not fooled! I know of your betrayal. I know of your thoughts.”
    Snow was so stunned and confused, and Melantha so clearly livid with her, that she dared not utter a word in protest.
    “You will soon pay for all you have done!” And with that, the queen spun around and made her way back down the stairs.
    Snow did not know what she had done to upset the queen, but she hoped to remain as hidden as possible so as not to trigger any more anger and cause the madness to grow even further.
    “Your turn, Snow,” Terrance said from across the table. “Woolgathering again, I see.”
    She grinned as she played her trick. “Yes, well, what other choice do I have?”
    “You could join us and play the game,” Raven teased.
    Snow caught Corlan’s gaze and held it. He must have been watching her for a while. “What are you thinking about?” she finally asked him. “Am I woolgathering too much for you as well?”
    “No.” He released a slow breath. “I assume the same thoughts have been plaguing both our minds,” he said before leaning forward and playing his trick.
    “I am fairly certain it is similar to what has been niggling in all of our thoughts.” Raven placed a card down.
    Snow watched as everyone looked at each other.
    “Correct, Snow?” Terrance asked. “At least, that’s what has been worrying me, ever since you told us of your encounter with the queen earlier.”
    “You are worried about me?”
    “Yes, we are all concerned over the way Queen Melantha has been treating you. It is clear you are the first victim of the cursed mirror.”
    “You feel it too?” she asked them.
    Corlan nodded his head and put his cards facedown on the table. “How could we not? It is clearly obvious she is angry with you. I do not feel it will be safe to live here much longer.”
    “What do you mean?” Her heart grew cold. Would she have to leave her home?
    Following Corlan’s example, Terrance and Raven put their cards facedown as well and pulled their chairs in closer.
    “You have been speaking about me, I can tell.” Snow set her hand down. “Well, out with it. What do you know that I do not?”
    Corlan cleared his throat. “It is the legend. I was reading up on it, as you are aware, and it would seem that when one person becomes the target, jealously forms about them, a dark desire to see the person dead and removed from their sight.”
    Snow rubbed her lips together as she attempted to process what he was saying. “And so you believe that to save my life, I will need to leave.” She looked up at Raven and Terrance. “You all do? There really is no choice?”
    Corlan continued, “Snow, this is indeed something that we cannot take lightly. I cannot allow you to die. And with your father away, there is even less protection for you. I have no idea what must be going through my mother’s head and what

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