Soldier on Her Doorstep

Soldier on Her Doorstep by Soraya Lane Read Free Book Online

Book: Soldier on Her Doorstep by Soraya Lane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Soraya Lane
shared a bond. They had been in the same small unit more than once, and being posted to the places they had been sent meant they’d shared a kind of trust that was hard to explain. It was what made being here even harder—because he knew how much William had cherished what he’d left behind to serve his country.
    Alex might have lost his family young, but honor and integrity were high on his list of morals. Of values. He knew how different his own life might have turned out if he’d had his family, if he hadn’t lost everything as a child. Even the memories he’d clung to all these years didn’t make up for what he’d lost. So he knew how important this little family was.
    Lisa and Lilly only had each other now, and if she wanted the cabin fixed up he was happy to be of assistance. It was his duty to be there for them, to serve them.
    Part of him hoped that staying, doing what he could, would help him put some demons to rest. But even if it only gave him peace of mind for a short time it would be a welcome reprieve from the guilt he had lived with of late.
    He looked up at the cabin. It was shabby, there was no denying it, but it was habitable. Plus the view was incredible. Deciding to stay here might be the best decision he’d made in a long time.
    He was officially discharged from the army, and he had no idea what he wanted to do. There was enough money in his savings account to keep him going for a while—a very long while—and he didn’t want to start anything until his head was clear.
    He just wanted to work with his hands. Fish. Chill.
    And preferably not get too attached to his host family if he could help it.
    He looked up. Lisa was watching him. She was dressed, but she still had that early morning glow. Her hair was wet, hanging down over her shoulders, leaving a damp mark on her T-shirt that he could see from here. She was nursing a cup of something hot.
    â€œMorning,” he replied. He reached for his own T-shirt, tucked into the back of his jeans, and tugged it on.
    â€œYou’ve been busy,” she remarked.
    He stepped back and looked at the mess he’d made. “Too much?”
    She laughed. “I don’t think any amount of work in or around that cabin could be called too much.”
    He wasn’t used to casual chat with a woman anymore, but he was starting to warm to her. She was so easy, so relaxed. As if she expected nothing from him. Yet he knew she’d expect more. An answer. An explanation.
    He swallowed the worry.
    â€œYou ready for some breakfast?”
    His stomach doubled over in response. “I didn’t want to go poking around in the cupboards.”
    She motioned with her hand for him to follow. “You’re welcome to anything we’ve got here. Make yourself at home.”
    If only she knew how promising that sounded to him. Only he didn’t really know how to make himself at home anywhere. Except in an army camp, perhaps.
    â€œI hope you’re hungry.” She threw a glance over his shoulder.
    â€œYes, ma’am.”
    Lisa stopped and gave him one of those heart-warming smiles. “Good—because I’ve got eggs, bacon and sausages in the pan for you.”
    He’d never thought breakfast could sound so good.
    â€œOh, and Alex?”
    He walked two beats faster to catch up with her step.
    â€œPlease don’t call me ma’am again. It makes me feel like an old lady.”
    He sucked a lungful of air and fell back a pace or two behind her. And wished he hadn’t. He had to fight not to look at the sway of her hips.
    The term old lady hadn’t crossed his mind when he’d looked at her. Ever.
    Lisa patted the bacon down with a paper towel to absorb the grease and then placed it on a large plate. She saved a rasher for herself, and slipped the spatula beneath the eggs to turn them. She hoped he liked them easy-over.
    â€œDo I take all your

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