Someone Bad and Something Blue

Someone Bad and Something Blue by Miranda Parker Read Free Book Online

Book: Someone Bad and Something Blue by Miranda Parker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Miranda Parker
because I’m pissed about the whole thing and now I have to do something I swore I would never do again.... I’m gonna tell you the truth about what happened last night so that you can leave the Gabe nonsense in this room and you can take this vacation in peace.”
    â€œI know the truth and I’m not taking a vacation.” I crossed my arms over my chest.
    â€œAfter Marlo cracked your head, my rifle made her spill her guts,” he said. “She didn’t know anything about a Gabriel Hwang.”
    â€œThen who sent it?” I asked.
    â€œRiddick.” He shook his head and mumbled something.
    Riddick Avery was another independent bail recovery agent, who worked with Tiger. He owned A1 Recovery Agents and mainly worked the far northern counties in the Atlanta area. I didn’t think much of him.
    â€œThat doesn’t make sense for him to do that, Tiger.”
    â€œIt is, if you’re competition.” He lowered his head and sighed. “Riddick doesn’t like the fact that you became a local celebrity after what you did for Ava. You’ve been stealing his thunder.”
    â€œBut I only work for you, Tiger.”
    â€œHe works for me, too, but that’s not the point,” Tiger said. “He’s been pitching a television show to one of those cable networks. Rumor has it the network was more interested in you, because they kept reading about you in the paper.”
    â€œIs the title of the show ‘Do You Still Love Me?’?”
    â€œHow do you know?” He wrinkled his nose. “It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The show is supposed to be about how he convinces skips’ loved ones, you know their girlfriends, baby mamas, and mothers, to give them up. Like he’s some kind of Convict Whisperer.”
    â€œReal dumb, just like Riddick.” I chuckled. “So instead of pulling more skips off the streets, so he could get in the paper, he decides to send me roses and a stalker photo?”
    â€œNo, I think he was congratulating you on getting Ava off that murder charge and also thanking you for being so distracted with her case that you dropped the ball on the bounty hunting.”
    I shook my head “I still don’t believe it. He needs to tell me that crap to my face.”
    â€œI don’t know where Riddick is, but you can ask Marlo. She’ll be spending the weekend in the piss chamber at the Dunwoody Jail. Let it go and move on with your life.” He stood up and reached for my bag. A nurse stood at the door with a wheelchair. “And let’s get out of here before the doc changes his mind and admits you for being a hardhead.”
    â€œWhere are the girls?”
    â€œYour sisters are waiting for you outside. Ava’s taking you home with her, because Whitney has bridesmaid duties.”
    â€œYeah, Lana’s having a bridesmaid brunch today.”
    â€œWhew, there’s a lot to do today.”
    â€œRight.” He huffed. “It’s too big a day to be dealing with foolishness.”
    â€œI agree, but I am going to see Marlo this morning. I need to end this today.”
    â€œAnd how will you do that? Ava’s not letting you out of her sight.”
    â€œMy head might be bruised, but I still can outsmart her.”

    Saturday, 8: 00 AM
    The McArthur Estate, Stone Mountain, Georgia
    W ho would have thought it would be hard sneaking out of a mansion? After all, it was ginormous. Yet I couldn’t, because my sisters had a nosy nose like our mother.
    I had carefully made Ava’s guest bed without making a peep, which was a feat in itself. The white queen-sized canopy had a heavy, white duvet that was a nightmare to lay down quietly. But I did it. Just because I was sneaking out for a few hours didn’t mean I would leave the room messy.
    I didn’t shower, because the sound of the water would tip them off. But I should have. There was a blood stain on my

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