Sons of Abraham: J-17's Trial

Sons of Abraham: J-17's Trial by JOSEPH RAY Read Free Book Online

Book: Sons of Abraham: J-17's Trial by JOSEPH RAY Read Free Book Online
their weapons, an obvious sign that this was not the first time they’d witnessed such an event. The third, however, needed Joseph to aim the weapon directly at him before he followed the order.
    “It won’t matter you know?” Elsmere stammered.
    Joseph did not budge. The sound of tiny, heeled shoes drawing nearer behind him informing him that the moment was drawing to its potentially ugly end.
    “I’ll have all four of them back before the week is through,” he continued, shifting in his broken seat. “I’ll send hunters for them as soon as you leave. They’ll bring the girls, and their father before me. I’ll make him watch as I fuck all four of them, one by one, right before him. Perhaps I’ll have them all at the same time, their father screaming and begging for me to stop. I’ll take the youngest, whatever her name is, and have her mount me on the floor a foot away. He’ll smell his daughter as I steal her innocence from her. All the while, you’ll be back on Earth, helpless to do anything until you are given the order. After I’m done, I’ll sell them off to the next smuggler. They’ll be split up and auctioned for pitiful bids, spending the rest of their lives pleasuring men in the whorehouses of the outer systems. Your common laws won’t mean a damn thing to them anymore. Tell me, Cyber, how does that make you FEEL?”
    The tiny footfalls had stopped. The MA needn’t turn around to know that all three of the girls were crying, horrifying, revolting worries freezing them in time. Elsmere smiled at Joseph, searching for any sign of an emotional response from the Cyber. Even Terrance stood with his mouth hanging open, purely disgusted at the horrid tale told before him. Slowly, Joseph turned his head and focused upon the confident lord.
    “I FEEL you are resisting arrest,” he replied calmly.
    The gun in the Cyber’s right hand raised. Elsmere’s eyes opened wide in horror. A single shot rang out. This time, the aim was not to intimidate. The light-haired head exploded upon impact, the fragmenting bullet splintering the skull and brain matter before depositing the heap on the back of the seat. The body, its face removed from the head, fell limp upon the seat. No one blinked, no one screamed, and no one felt a single ounce of loss upon the man’s departure from the world.
    MA Joseph lowered the weapons and walked to the exit. The three sisters lowered their heads, avoiding the mess before them as they chased after their savior. One guard stood, following the group down the stairs and out the domed capital building. The group remained silent as the transport was driven by the trailing guard to the platform, the Hermes craft waiting patiently for its pilot.
    “Don’t forget this,” the guard said, reaching into his coat and returning with the MA’s firearm.
    Joseph held both of the guard’s pistols in one hand, taking his own from the hand before him and returning it to its home. He returned the favor, handing the two long barreled guns back to the waiting guard.
    “Hell will come for you MA Joseph,” the guard continued. “I don’t mean to say that God will condemn you. I mean to say that the King will know what transpired here, and he won’t care that you were in the right. A war will follow you home.”
    Joseph looked to the guard, understanding that the man only meant to warn him, not to threaten him. The Cyber knew very little of the new King, but he knew enough to understand that the guard may have spoken the truth.
    “I’ll heed your warning,” he replied. “I would appreciate if you would tell your king something for me, though if you don’t mind.”
    The guard’s face squinted, become puzzled at the words offered to him.
    “Of course,” he muttered.
    Joseph leaned in close, his eyes becoming darker the closer he drew to the trembling man. The guard wanted nothing more than to take a step back, to break his stare upon the lifeless, machine eyes that bore through

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