Sookie 03 Club Dead

Sookie 03 Club Dead by Charlaine Harris Read Free Book Online

Book: Sookie 03 Club Dead by Charlaine Harris Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charlaine Harris
prayer. God, don’t let me scream too loud seemed kind of weak and negative. Besides, there was no one to hear me besides the vampires, no matter how loudly I shrieked. When the time came, I might as well let it rip.
    “But,” Eric continued thoughtfully, “that might damage you too badly for the other part of my plan. And really, it doesn’t make that much difference if you know what Bill has been doing behind our backs or not.”
    Behind their backs? Oh, shit. And now I knew whom to blame for my very deep predicament. My own dear love, Bill Compton.
    “That got a reaction,” Pam observed.
    “But not the one I expected,” Eric said slowly.
    “I’m not too happy about the torture option.” I was in so much trouble, I couldn’t even begin to add it up, and I was so overloaded with stress that I felt like my head was floating somewhere above my body. “And I miss Bill.” Even though at the moment I would gladly kick his ass, I did miss him. And if I could just have ten minutes’ conversation with him, how much better prepared I would be to face the coming days. Tears rolled down my face. But there was more they had to tell me; more I had to hear, whether I wanted to or not. “I do expect you to tell me why he lied about this trip, if you know. Pam mentioned bad news.”
    Eric looked at Pam with no love in his eyes at all.
    “She’s leaking again,” Pam observed, sounding a little uncomfortable. “I think before she goes to Mississippi, she should know the truth. Besides, if she has been keeping secrets for Bill, this will …”
    Make her spill the beans? Change her loyalty to Bill? Force her to realize she has to tell us?
    It was obvious that Chow and Eric had been all for keeping me in ignorance and that they were acutely unhappy with Pam for hinting to me that, though I supposedly didn’t know it, all was not well with Bill and me. But they both eyed Pam intently for a long minute, and then Eric nodded curtly.
    “You and Chow wait outside,” Eric said to Pam. She gave him a very pointed look, and then they walked out, leaving their drained bottles sitting on the table. Not even a thank-you for the blood. Didn’t even rinse the bottles out. My head felt lighter and lighter as I contemplated poor vampire manners. I felt my eyelids flicker, and it occurred to me that I was on the edge of fainting. I am not one of these frail gals who keels over at every little thing, but I felt I was justified right now. Plus, I vaguely realized I hadn’t eaten in over twenty-four hours.
    “Don’t you do it,” Eric said. He sounded definite. I tried to concentrate on his voice, and I looked at him.
    I nodded to indicate I was doing my best.
    He moved over to my side of the table, turned the chair Pam had occupied until it faced me and was very close. He sat and leaned over to me, his big white hand covering both of mine, still folded neatly in my lap. If he closed his hand, he could crush all my fingers. I’d never work as a waitress again.
    “I don’t enjoy seeing you scared of me,” he said, his face too close to mine. I could smell his cologne-Ulysse, I thought. “I have always been very fond of you.”
    He’d always wanted to have sex with me.
    “Plus, I want to fuck you.” He grinned, but at this moment it didn’t do a thing to me. “When we kiss … it’s very exciting.” We had kissed in the line of duty, so to speak, and not as recreation. But it had been exciting. How not? He was gorgeous, and he’d had several hundred years to work on his smooching technique.
    Eric got closer and closer. I wasn’t sure if he was going to bite me or kiss me. His fangs had run out. He was angry, or homy, or hungry, or all three. New vampires tended to lisp while they talked until they got used to their fangs; you couldn’t even tell, with Eric. He’d had centuries of perfecting that technique, too.
    “Somehow, that torture plan didn’t make me feel very sexy,” I told him.
    “It did something for Chow,

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