Spent - Part 1 (Spent, a New Adult Romance, MMA Series)

Spent - Part 1 (Spent, a New Adult Romance, MMA Series) by Elise Holland Read Free Book Online

Book: Spent - Part 1 (Spent, a New Adult Romance, MMA Series) by Elise Holland Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elise Holland

    “Why yes, yes I was,” Cameron gives me a wicked look, “He’s a sharp one, for a fighter,” she winks.  

    “Perhaps that’s why I don’t win very often,” Luke smirks at Cameron, causing my skin to burn red.  

    “Ah, well. That explains why Tash likes you so much,” Cameron picks up her mug, leans back against her seat, and resumes drinking her coffee.  

    My eyes grow wide. I look up at Luke to judge his reaction. He simply stares back at me, his green and blue orbs taking me deep down into the dark world of wicked thoughts that his eyes often carry me away to when we’re in class.  

    “I think you must be mistaken. Tasha only likes me because I supply her with Twizzlers.”

    “It always starts that way with this girl. Then it moves to the bedroom. And then…”  

    “Cameron!” I say a little too loudly, causing some heads to turn in our direction.  

    I shrink back against my seat while Cameron stares at me from over the top of her crescent moon shaped glasses, smirking the entire time. Luke turns his attention back on me after looking over his shoulder at the turning heads.  

    “Don’t worry, Cameron. I think Tasha and I will just stick with junk food and studying together. Although, Tasha never called to set up a time to get together,” Luke arches an eyebrow, causing goosebumps to form along my sensitive skin.  

    “Really?” Cameron stares at me, a sarcastic surprise written across her face.  

    I sigh, “I don’t really have anything to pay you back with, Luke. I’m kind of on the poverty level for students around here.”

    “That’s okay. You don’t have to pay me,” Luke flashes an All-American boy grin.  

    “I couldn’t do that to you. I’m kind of a pain in the ass when it comes to tutoring.”

    Luke shrugs, “That’s okay. I can be quite the pain in the ass, too.”

    “I’ll warn you, Luke, you’ll probably want to bring lots of candy. Tash is going to need as much brain food as possible if you’re going to try to teach her biology,” Cameron mutters as she watches Luke and I closely.  

    “Don’t worry, I’m a very good teacher,” Luke smiles warmly at me, causing the heat from within my core to radiate throughout my entire body.  

    “You know,” Cameron cuts in before I can say anything, “Tash is an exceptional writer. She’s actually the sports writer for the university paper.”

    I stare suspiciously at Cameron. Where’s she going with all of this?

    “Wow,” Luke’s eyes widen in surprise, “Somehow Tasha forgot to mention that.”  

    “Well, I was thinking,” Cameron drones on, not paying any attention to Luke or I staring at one another, “She could probably start covering some MMA fights for her articles. Perhaps she could write a few pieces about you in return for the tutoring?”  

    Crap, crap, crap!

    “I don’t know…” I mutter.  

    “Come on, Tash. You were just telling me the other day about how you needed to expand your sports coverage. You’ve never covered MMA before. I think it would be a huge hit with the paper, especially since you’d be covering a MMA fighter who attends our campus,” Cameron grins, knowing that she’s won this conversation.  

    “Hmm,” Luke juts his chin out, as if he’s contemplating the offer, “That could be cool. I don’t win very often anymore, though.”  

    “I’m sure Tasha can sensationalize it enough to make it sound fabulous,” Cameron winks at me as she takes a sip from her coffee.  

    “Fine,” I shrug, “I’ll do it. When would you like to meet?”

    “I have a fight tomorrow night in Baltimore. We could meet there and I can tutor you after the fight.”

    I arch an eyebrow, “You’ll feel good enough to tutor after a fight?”

    “Pssh, it’s a fight with Kris Jackson. If I can’t beat him, then I’m not worth interviewing for your paper,” Luke smirks.  

    “Alright, I can do Baltimore,” I smile, knowing that I likely won’t be

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