StealingThe Bride

StealingThe Bride by Yvette Hines Read Free Book Online

Book: StealingThe Bride by Yvette Hines Read Free Book Online
Authors: Yvette Hines
glorious as she ground her clit into him. But she wanted him
inside of her.
strong fingers moved down the crease of her ass, reached between her thighs and
stroked her sex. He pulled his mouth away. “You’re practically dripping wet.”
flooded her cheeks. He was right, from the moment she’d seen him at the door
her sex had begun to dampen, painting the inside of her thighs with her own
cold press of the door to her back shocked her. She hadn’t even realized they
moved. That’s what he did to her, made her lose track of everything but him.
first ride is going to be hard. Can you take it?” He fished around in the
pocket of his shorts.
you give me, I can handle.” She tossed back.
seconds he had the condom torn open with his teeth, the wrapper flying one way
as he donned the moist sheath over his shaft.
she could get a good look, he had her legs spread wide at his waist and was
pressing the broad tip inside. He worked his length inside of her, deep.
she found herself stretched wide around thick, long steel.
your pussy is hot, wet, and snug. I could stay like this if the need to come
wasn’t so fierce.”
      Never before had a man
spoken in such naughty language to her. She realized it turned her on.
bent his knees and slipped out halfway, then pressed himself back in at a deep
angle that caressed her sweet spot just right. Her toes curled against the
your legs around me and show me those delicious breasts.”
as she was told, she lifted her legs and linked her ankles at the small of his
back then arched toward him.
began to pump his hips as he claimed a breast in his mouth, drawing on her
thrust her hips, riding her sex along his cock as he circled his tongue around
her taunt tip. Switching from one breast to the other he concentrated just as
hard on stimulating her nipples as he did in fucking her. He was
thoroughly loving her. Making everything inside her spin and spiral down
to her core as the pressure built.
he bit down on a sensitive tip, her second orgasm of the night hit her. She
came, screaming and bucking against the door.
baby, that’s it. Keep coming for me.” In and out he thrust inside of her, hard
and fast. His hands gripped her ass, holding her in place as he ground his hips
into her and drew her orgasm out long.
to touch him, she wrestled with the hem of his shirt and reached beneath it to
run her fingers along his skin. Warm, powerful muscles played under her hands
as he continued to pleasure them both.
reached one of his hands around her waist and then used his thumb to brush her
clit as he moved his fingers inside of her causing her sex to clench as her
body began to tremble anew.
that feels good.” She didn’t know if she was referring to his fondling or his
cock slamming into her. And she didn’t care because both were leading to
another glorious orgasm.
time I want you to come with me.” His voice was harsh and strained.
thumb continued to press against her sensitive nub as he pounded them both to
ecstasy. As her body shuddered and spasmed she gripped him, needing something
that would give her purchase on sanity. Being with Kolby would surely cause her
to go insane.
his lips against her neck he came with an animalistic grunt, releasing hot
bursts of air along her skin, the force of his climax just as powerful as her
both stood there panting and sucking in much-needed oxygen. Leya slowly became
aware of the world around her. The sound of the night birds calling to their
mates, the hard press of the door along her back and the warmth of Kolby’s skin
against hers, reminded her where she was. No telling that everyone on her floor
heard her screams of pleasure. She had never had a man cause her to lose
complete awareness, but that’s what this man did.
slipped his hands to her waist,

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